Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was tagged by this tag a long time ago by my friend Rebecca and I was recently tagged by it from my friend Christy. I planned on doing this tag when Rebecca tagged me. I just haven't gotten around to it until now because I have been doing a lot of other posts. There are a few tags that I am behind on. 

Anyway, this tag is, go to your picture folder, go into your fourth folder and post your fourth picture and tell about it.

It is a picture of Baby Kurt. He is about a month in this picture. Isn't he such a cutie? 
I was pleased that the picture wasn't something terrible looking. 

Plus, notice how big the picture is? Yeah, I am pretty frustrated because I recently just realized I can post pictures on a large scale. I found this out from my friend Ann's recent post about blog etiquette. She had a link on it and I found out from that person's blog that you can make your photos large. I noticed that people had large photos on their blogs and I wanted large photos on my blog this whole time. Well anyway, I had this woman come to my blog to see if my pictures were too small and she commented that they were fine and that I had them on a medium scale. I was like, "medium scale?" Then  I realized that when you post your pictures there are options that you can make your pictures small, medium or large. I was so angry with myself because it has been there the whole time in plane site and I am just a lazy reader sometimes. So now I am wanting to go through my whole blog a enlarge all the pictures so that when I print it out, they will be large pictures. The only problem is, I know I can enlarge them through the Html but I am not so sure that the pictures will be the same quality. I might have to upload all of them again. I hope that is not the case. Anyway, wish me luck!


Ann Marie said...

I am glad you learned about the pictures! She had some good info on her blog today that I didn't know how to do! :)

Have a Happy Valentines Day!
Love ya, XO ~ Ann

PS; Word Verification is Order!

Cherie said...

Heather I am glad I could be of some help.
I don't know if I would go back and re-do all the pictures.
I went and clicked on some of your previous pictures and they enlarge enough that I think if you made a blog book the quality would be just fine:D
It would be SO MUCH work to go back and re-do.

Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!

Tierra Lynne said...

HI cool! Yay for big pictures!!!
I just loved Cheries blog to help us all.
And cute pic! Look how small he was! Dont ya just wish they stayed that way???

Happy Valentines!!!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

oh, he is sooo cute! glad you included the picture of the baby...