Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Morganne's Birthday Party!!

On Saturday, we celebrated our niece, Morganne's birthday. We were supposed to have celebrated it two Saturdays before but too many of us were sick and decided to wait until everyone felt better. 

I had made a cake for her so we ended up freezing it for two weeks.

We had the party at Grandpa and Grandma Perry's house.

Here is the birthday girl on the bouncing horse that Grandpa and Grandma just bought for the grandkids to play on.

I had to get a picture of Morganne's hair. I thought it was so cute. Her sister, CC did it.

Here is Ayla sitting in a cute little chair they have. 
This chair actually belonged to Kurt's sister, Krista when she was little. How wonderful that they still have it and the grandkids can enjoy it now.

Daddy playing with Ayla.
"The bunny going to get ya!!"

Here is Ayla walking and pushing a little toy stroller. 
She is really getting good at walking holding onto things that she can push. She has been taking some steps on her own this week. And Kurt and I have been having her walk back and forth between us. I give her a week or two and I think she will be walking.

And of course, little Baby Kurt was there.
Morganne's little brother.

What a cutie!!

Morganne, thanking her Aunt Suz for the balloons she gave her. 
Suz had gone to the store to pick up some more ice cream and brought back the balloons!

This was Ayla's first time playing with balloons. She really liked them.

And I had to show this close up of her with the balloons because of her bright blue eyes.

Our niece, Brooke had a good time with the balloons too.

And here is the cake, two weeks later and thawed out. It still looked almost as good as the day I made it.

Birthday girl with her cake.

Birthday girl, being silly with her cake.

We all sang "Happy birthday" to her.

And here she is blowing her candles out.

Here is the after picture of the cake, after we ate some, and I guess Morganne played in the cake after we had already left the party. I am so glad she enjoyed her cake.

Ayla had been on the bouncing horse once before but didn't know what to do. 
This time she watched her cousins ride and bounce on the horse while we were at the party.

Then Ayla got on the horse and actually started to ride it and bounce on it. She had learned what to do on it by watching them. It was so cute. 

Below are two clips of her riding the horse. I couldn't pick between the two because they both were good. The second one she waves to her Aunt Suz in it. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

What a little smartie pants. How old is she? She seems too tiny to know how to ride that horse.

Leah said...

I love the cake. You are getting really good at making them. I should have had you make one for me when you were here visiting. =) it looks so yummy. Ayla looks so cute on that horse. She'll be walking soon. =)FUN FUN

Jesi said...

What a fun birthday party!!! I'm so glad to hear cory is doing well. I haven't talked or heard from her in a while. Is she still teaching? She really should do a blog so I can keep up with her. Please tell her hi for me.
I'm sorry to hear the makeup hurts your eyes, that's not very fun to deal with. A lot of people are allergic to red pigments that are in most eye colors, it could easily be that. Hope your doing well and I love hearing from you. Take care

Ann Marie said...

As always.. Love the cake..
Maybe it's a good thing you don't live to close.. After seeing Mary play all day, she would be climbing before walking...

Tierra Lynne said...

Awe, what a fun girl! And the cake looked FABULOUS, i tell ya, you never end to amaze me in the cake department. And Ayla walking?????
Oh. I miss seeing that little redhead! The videos were too cute.

Love ya girl and hopefully will catch each other on the phone!!!!