Monday, February 23, 2009

Watch Ayla Grow! #3

Well, it has been another 4 months since my last Watch Ayla Grow post. So it is time for another one. I couldn't decided on what picture to post for each month, so there may be two or three for each month.

Ayla at 9 months.
During Ayla's 9th month, she mastered crawling and pulling herself up and walking around furniture.

9 months still.
She is wearing my favorite onesies. Isn't it so cute on her?

Same day as the picture above this one. I love this one because of Ayla's cute little legs and I love that Kurt is playing with her.

Ayla at 10 months.
She turned 10 months on Christmas day. I think this picture was taken that day or the day after.

During her 10th month, Ayla's four front teeth came in all the way and she started to stand on her own. She stood on her own a few times but then stopped for a while. She had put walking on the back burner for a while. I thought she was going to be walking at 10 months, like her dad, but I was wrong.

Still 10 months.
Notice the cute little sleeper? My friend, Ann gave it to her along with another sleeper and a jacket, that her daughter Mary grew out of. We had gone to visit her a little bit before Christmas. I love this sleeper. It is like the pig sleeper in the picture above this one. They both fit snug around her cute little legs. They are like skinny jeans on her. They are so cute. I also love that this sleeper size is 12 month, so it will fit her for a while. Thanks Ann!

Ayla at 11 months, in the cute sleeper that still fits her.
She is just relaxing in her daddy's computer chair. Too cute!

11 months again.
I love her eyes in this picture. Also notice the cute jacket? It is the one Ann gave her.
The rest of these pictures are 11 months.

Ayla started to officially walk on February 6. She had walked 5 feet and then the next day she was walking all over the living room. A week later, she didn't need to have her hands up in the air for balance anymore. She was walking all over. Then on that following Monday, she learned how to get back up on her own after falling. She didn't have to pull herself up with the help of furniture anymore.

Now she is a walking machine. She doesn't crawl anymore.

Notice the ball she is holding? This is an early birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma Wiechert. It cost a whole dollar. They got her something else but she doesn't get that present until her party this Saturday. Anyway, she loves this ball and plays with it all the time. It is the simple things that make us happy, even a dollar ball.

This was taken today.
I caught her in the action of walking. Also, notice the toy Nativity in the background? I don't have the heart to put it away. Ayla loves it and still plays with it every day. Thanks again Grandpa and Grandma Perry for the Nativity.

There you have it! Ayla will be a year in two days! I can't believe it!


Tierra Lynne said...

Look at thoses faces???
Those eyes are so big and pretty!

I bet you really have to chase her now at church!?!

These were so sweet. Ayla will cherish this online journal and reading the words you put with each picture.

Ann Marie said...

So cute! She has the cutest expressions!

Thanks for the shout-out's.. She really does look cute in the sleepers..

Fun to see her walking. They grow so fast.

I love your new background.. Very cute! ~ And I found a fun site for you to check out.. It's on my sidebar. It's called "cakewrecks" you need to see them since you decorate cakes.
Happy Birthday Ayla! Love ya, Ann

Chad and Clair said...

These posts are such a good idea. You are so good at it! Ayla is getting so big! She is adorable.

The Hartle's said...

Those are awesome pics! Your so good at updating! I cant believe that she will be one! Maggie misses her!

Cherie said...

Ayla is just SO ADORABLE! This is a great online journal of her milestones!
It is so fun when they start to walk - I bet you are having a ball with her:D

Happy Birthday Ayla!!