Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 Birthday parties!

We celebrated 2 birthdays this last weekend: our nephew, Lane's and our niece, Morganne's. I will give you one guess what they got for their birthdays. You guessed it, I made them cakes.

Lane wanted Toy Story .
I had promised he would have a toy on top but I had a hard time finding Toy Story toys that were not expensive. So I went on Amazon. I got a set for $10 and my sister pitched in on half of it. So it cost us a whole $5. Not bad. I think it turned out awesome.

Lane liked it too.
I love how he hides himself with his hand when he gets shy or is very happy.

Like the decorations?
My sister and I decorated for the occasion because it was Lane's 13th birthday and we felt we needed to make a big deal about him becoming a teenager. I can't believe it. A TEENAGER!

We even did the railing. It was fun.
Dad and Ernie from far away.

Dad and Ernie closer up.

Ayla trying to make a get away.

Didn't make it. Poor sweetheart!

And of course I had to take pictures of her with her Aunt Marion.

So cute!!

We had a yummy roast and mashed potato dinner provided from my mom.

Then we let Lane open gifts.

Marion and her boyfriend, Monty got Lane this bull riding shirt. Which is perfect because Lane loves Monty and Monty used to bull ride. Plus Lane was named after a famous bull rider, Lane Frost. Lane's middle name is Frost.

See how it says, "bull rider" on the side?
Lane loved the shirt. He looked good in it too.

It was priceless to see his face when we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

Blurry but still caught the moment.

We celebrated Lane's birthday Friday night. Then, on Saturday, we celebrated Morganne's birthday. Morganne's birthday was actually in December but with it being close to Christmas, we celebrate it later.

Here is the cake I made her. She likes Samurai Jack.
I actually made this cake 2 weeks ago. We were supposed to celebrate her birthday then but people got sick so we postponed it. We just froze the cakes for a later day.

Yes, I said cakes. I made her 2 cakes. One was her very own special cake without wheat. She is allergic to wheat.

She is so into Samurai Jack that she loved her cakes so much that she wouldn't take her eyes off of them.

Happy girl with her cakes!

Like I said, she couldn't take her eyes off of them.
This is what makes cake making all worth it.

Such a cute girl!

Ayla loves to be right by Morganne. She so looks up to Morganne. It is so cute.

See how she invades her space? So cute!

Both parties were a lot of fun. I so love being with family. There is nothing more fun!

Oh, just in case you were wondering, Morganne's cake still tasted delicious. Even after being frozen for 2 weeks. In fact I think it tasted better. It had a little chill to it.

Happy Birthday Lane and Morganne! We love you!


Suzanne said...


You are one cake making fool! Both cakes looked awesome, what an amazing talent you have. The bull riding shirt was AWESOME! Lane did look really great in that shirt! I bet he tries to wear it every day! Thank you for all of your kind comments on my blog! You are such a sweetheart! May you have a wonderfully joyous day! -Suzanne

Cherie said...

Heather - I may have told you this already but you are really talented with cakes.
You should think about starting your own business - I think you would do super well!! People are always looking for something different or personalized.
Good job you are amazing!

Ann Marie said...

Once again.. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I love the cakes! I will have to show Mary Caroline the toy story cake... she loves Toy Story and will be excited to see it! :)

Your such a good friend Heather.
My Dad commented to me last night at how sweet and thoughtful you have been to both of us. --He really loved the comment you left on his blog. :) Thank you..
I love ya..XO

{Mo} said...

Once again, Heather....you Rock! I love birthdays with the family. We usually have and ugly cake at my house, but the kids are happy and that's all that matters, right?

BTW-Ayla looks adorable in her pink and white striped shirt....Carlie has the same one, but it's black and one of my favorites!