Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project #1 so far!

I have been working on the two projects I mentioned earlier in a post but I am only going to show you what I have done so far for one of them. Some time this week I will post about the other.

So here goes:

Project #1
The high-chair.

So I wiped down the high-chair and washed the seat cover in the washer.

I drew a template and traced it onto the board I bought to make the tray for the high-chair.

I was going to cut this out by hand with a little saw but I didn't have to, I was blessed. Let me explain:

You see this garage?
It is outside our door and there is a wood shop inside. A guy had been working in there for the past week. As I was going outside to cut the board by hand, I decided to go and knock on the door to ask if he had a band-saw and if I could use it. Well, guess what?

He did and he let me use it. So I cut the tray in no time.

He then let me use the sander. I rounded the edges and smoothed out the tray the best I could with the sander.

I thought it was so nice of that guy to let me in and use the equipment. It would have taken me forever to cut and sand that thing. I was definitely blessed.

I then finished rounding and smoothing the tray by hand.

Here is the tray.
I was happy with how it turned out.

My dad came over on Saturday and coached me through using the drill to drill holes so I could glue the tray on the arms of the high-chair. My dad also helped me with the doll bed but, like I said, I will show that in a later post.

Then we glued the tray to the arms.

I didn't have any c-clamps to use to hold the tray tight to the arms so I used the drill and our fruit bowl to put weight on it to let it dry.

Well the high-chair is ready to paint and so is the doll bed. I will be painting them tomorrow. The high-chair will then be complete. I will still have to make the mattress for the doll bed on Tuesday but then that one will be done too.

Wish me luck!


Cherie said...

Holy Moly girl cakes and now you are an expert wood worker too!
What else do you have up your sleeve - Can you fix the car? Just kidding!
You look like a pro - this is turning out so cute!

Nanette said...

Looks great!

Suzanne said...

Heather!! I had no idea you had such skills! Wow! And how convient the wood shop just outside your door. I would be that guys best friend and making tons of stuff! I am super impressed! SUPER IMPRESSED!! You go girl! That high chair and bed need to be kept forever for your work on it! You are AMAZING!! Have a lovely day! -Suzanne

The Hartle's said...

Wowza! YOu are amazing! Cant wai to see more!