Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Coolest Night Light Ever!

So now that Ayla is in her toddler bed, I wanted to get her a different night light. One that wasn't the $2 plug in the wall night light. I just don't feel safe about her getting up in the night and pulling it out of the socket.

So I figured I would spend at least $25 dollars on a good, safe one. I thought for sure Walmart would have some kind of a children's night light but they didn't. I was shocked. Walmart has every thing. So I went online to my favorite purchasing web site, Amazon. I swear I am buying something every week from that site because you can find anything there. In fact, I bought Richard Simmons "Sweatin to the Oldies" the complete series today on Amazon. I need something to work out to. I love Jazzercise but Jazzercise doesn't fit into my schedule right now and "Sweatin to the Oldies" is kind of like Jazzercise just not as hard or as cool but it is still a dance aerobic kind of thing and that is what I love to do. I will let you know how much I like it when I start.

Now back to the night light. I always go off on tangents. Anyway, I went on Amazon and found:

This little cutie.
It is a KinderGlo night light. They come in a few different forms. I chose the owl because it was the most girly, girl and Ayla is a girly, girl. It is the coolest thing. Let me list why it is so cool:

1- It is rechargeable. That was a must thing with me, something to plug in or plug in and charge.

2- It never gets hot, so it is safe to play with. It is so safe your kid can sleep with it.

3- It is easy to use. Even Ayla knows how to use it.

4- It has 4 different light settings. You can set it to whatever color you want or just let it change from one color to the next.

Below are the colors. Ayla will model them for you.

Even though this picture was taken as the light was changing to red.


Changing to blue

This is my favorite. It is the brightest and so I usually use this color.

And Green

And last but not least:
5- You can set it to stay on for 30 minutes or all night long.

I am so pleased with it so far. I found exactly what I was looking for and even more than what I expected in a night light. I love it! And it cost around $25 with shipping and handling, just what I wanted to spend. I feel it was well worth it. Now lets just hope it lasts a few years. It does have some kind of warranty. I will have to read up on that.


A Joyful Chaos said...

You're right. That has got to be one of the coolest night lights ever! Our five year old still uses a night light but its not nearly as cute as the one you have.

Suzanne said...

Sweatin with the Oldies?? I gotta see you do that! That sounds like some good fun! Do you wear the shorts like Richard too! Know I am kidding! Brilliance with your night light find! I was so unhappy with the common night lights that I made Brian install a dimmer. But to me that seems still too bright! Way to go mom! Super find of the week! Have a lovely day, my friend! -Suzanne

{Mo} said...

Very cute light! None of my kids have ever cared one way or the other if they had a night light. We do have a few of the Wal Mart cheepies around, but they dont' care if I have them plugged in or not!

Nanette said...

I used to sweat to the oldies with my grandma. :) Good times. Cte night light.

Ann Marie said...

I want Mr owl for me!
I get freaked camping. Closterphobic in fact.. and flashlights always burn out! I need this!

I love amazon too. That is actually where we got our vanity.. and where I'm going to buy my shower curtain. :)

Megan and I were at DI last week.. and she bought a Richard Simmons sweatin it video too! I love it! We all need to do it sometime together.. wouldn't that be a sight!! ha-ha.. Love ya!

Cherie said...

I have to say that I have never seen a nightlight like this but I love all the features.
I think I could use one in my bathroom and the hallway for when people get up in the night.
I like that it doesn't get hot and is rechargable.
Ayla looks like she loves it!

Kandis & Derek said...

That is SO cute! Way to go! said...

Thank you! Thank you. I could have never written a more sincere blog about my own product. It is so rewarding to hear that others like our KinderGlo night lights as much as we do.

We started this company with a passion to make a safe, fun, portable night lights for children. We are a family business with me, my wife and my oldest daughter trying to spread the word and take care of our customers. And yes, my youngest daughter (3yrs) as the product tester and sometimes test audience as we create new models.

I have been manufacturing consumer products for 20+ years for other companies. We decided to jump into doing something small and fun for ourselves and other parents. It is a challenge that has been scary and fun at the same time.

We have several new characters coming out over the next months. The first will be in early to mid March and I hope you can take the time to see it on our web site in March.

Yes, I think it you will consider it more ‘girly’.

As far as your question on warranty goes, the KinderGlo night lights are covered by a 90 day warranty. We would have been more than happy to replace at no cost to you.

We are determined to make a reliable and supported product. As a small family business, I am more than willing to tell you that yes; we have had some failures of our KinderGlo night lights in this production run. As with most consumer electronics, there will be some failures. Most products strive for less than 1% field failures and we are seeing 3 times that. After we shipped the product we started getting reports and responded with a “no questions asked” replacement policy. We will continue to honor this replacement policy outside the 90 day warranty period for these lights.

The good news is that after looking at the returns, we have determined what went wrong and have made changes to the software and hardware to make the KinderGlo night lights more robust as we move forward.

Again, thank you for your wonderful blog and stellar pictures. Do you mind if I link to your site from ours?

All the best,

Heather said...

John from KinderGlo,
I am glad you liked my post on your product. I love the night light and so does my daughter. Now every night when it is time for bed she will ask for her night light. Feel free to link to my post.

I was just wondering, how did you find my blog?