Friday, November 7, 2008

Ayla made some more friends!

Yesterday, Ayla and I went to my good friend Ann's house. It was Ayla's first time over there. Ayla had fun with Ann's kids. She loved Mary. She was so excited from Mary, she was shaking. She only shakes when she gets super excited. She was also excited to see Tenny and Christian. 

Mary likes to dance now, so Ann put on some music. It was so cute she was shaking it and getting down. She is so cute. 

Tenny has become a mother hen. She kept playing with Ayla and saying how she thought she was so cute. I can tell that Tenny is a good big sister.

The kids were so cute together, I needed to get some pictures.

Mary was so cute with Ayla. She kept pointing at her.

We got her to look forward but she was still pointing at Ayla! LOL!

We did get her to look forward with her arm down once. Isn't this such a cute picture?

I would like to thank Ann for letting us come over and visit. It was so fun and nice to see you. Thanks for feeding me. You have to give me the recipe to that meat loaf you made. It was so good. I will see you in two weeks for the Twilight party. I am so excited.

I have to show a picture of Ayla's 1st Christmas ornament. I bought it at Hallmark on my way over to Ann's. I had been looking online for one for the past 3 weeks. I wanted one with a lot of detail. When I was at my work Christmas party last year, it was at my boss's house. On their tree were his kid's 1st Christmas ornaments and I thought they were so cute. I thought I wanted one like those for Ayla. I contacted him last week by email to find out where his wife got them and he told me Hallmark. I looked online at their website and there it was, the one I had been looking for. Isn't it so cute?


Debi (Dubs2007) said...

That is such a cute ornament! how much was it? I have been looking for something for my babies first christmas.. I wonder if I could make one... Thanks for posting this picture!

Ann Marie said...

The kids look soo cute!!
I still think it's funny that she was pointing at her the whole time.. I'm super glad you ate with us.. And I will for sure give out the recipe.. Maybe on my blog??

Have fun Monday!! LOVE YOU!♥

Tierra Lynne said...

Oh it's post like these that make me wish really hard that we all lived closer! I'm so glad that you were able to visit with Ann and get pictures with the kids! Wow! your coming in on Monday! It's here! I need to confirm it with Leah but I probably be down on Wednesday! It's my only day off this week so I will see you then! Have avery safe flight!

The Hartle's said...

Ayla is such a doll... Maggie misses her!