Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tennessee post #2

Well here goes part 2 of the Tennessee trip.

Wednesday, Leah had to go back to work and I was going to watch Noah during the day but shortly after she left, Noah was upset because he had gotten sick the night before. I became the "evil one" because I had to keep wiping his nose and then he would cry harder and then his nose would run even more. So between not knowing me and being sick, the poor guy was really upset. I could usually handle a crying kid but I felt so bad for him. I wanted him to have the comfort he needed while being sick, so I called Leah. She then called her sister C. and she came over and he settle right down. Shortly after that, Evan came home and I thought "OH NO SHE CALLED EVAN TO COME HOME!" I was feeling pretty bad but when Evan got in the house, it turned out he was sick from some pizza he had eaten at work, so he came home. It worked out so well. I was sorry that Evan had gotten sick but it was good he was home for the next couple of days to be there for his sweet boy.

This was taken a minute before Leah left. He was such a happy boy. Isn't he so cute?

Ayla got to play in Noah's saucer that day. She had a lot of fun in it.

Tierra came over that day to visit us. We had a lot of fun with her.

That evening Leah put Noah in an outfit that her sister, Corinda bought him. I was excited because she had bought Ayla the same one but in girl colors. So I went and put Ayla in hers so that we could get pictures of them matching. It was so cute.

Here is Noah in his.

And here is Ayla in hers.

She had a lot of fun with Even. He kept getting down on the floor like this to play with her.

Here is a picture of them together.

Another picture of them together.

Tierra, I stole this off of your blog because my picture of this did not turn out. Yours has a lot more color than all of my photos. We have had our camera for a while now and I think it is time to get a new one that will take better pictures.

Aren't they cute playing together?

Tierra and I hanging out in the kitchen while Leah cooked some yummy eggrolls. I am so impressed at how Leah has become such a good chef. Thanks for all the yummy food! :)

I had to take a picture of Tierra in her cute new coat she got for her birthday. I took this right before she left.

Ann, I took this for you so you could see how cute she looks in it. Sorry the picture is a little blurry but none of the ones I took of her in it turned out very clear. This was the best one.

After Tierra left, Leah and I headed to the store again and left the kiddos with Evan. Below are some adorable pictures he took with my camera. Thank you Even.

Both just chilling in Noah's crib.

Thursday we hung out at home during the day and in the evening we went to go antique shopping and to go to dinner.

Here is a picture of Evan driving us there. I took this picture to show how different the streets look there in Tennessee. They are all so small and don't have sidewalks in the residential parts. They look like drive ways.

We got to the antique shops and I was so hungry. I wanted to eat first so we went to Chedders, a restaurant out there. It is one of Leah's favorites. Buy the time we got back to the shops they were closed but that was okay. I still just enjoyed going to dinner with them.

Evan with Ayla as we were waiting to be seated.

The whole Wampler fam plus Ayla waiting to order.

And of course, a close up of my little cutie. I am such a proud mom.

By the way, Leah and Evan and I drove past the restaurant my sister thought was Chedders and it was Chadders. So I don't get to order that yummy hamburger I had. :(


Leah said...

Cute pictures. I think you should just post them all. Bring it on! Everyone loves to look at pictures, right? Post all 270 of them. =) hee,hee

I hope you have lots of fun tonight. I wish I could be there to eat some of you cake.


Ann Marie said...

Love the pictures!
So glad your showing us alot of the trip. :)