Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween!

We had a wonderful Halloween!

Ayla wore to different things that day. One was this cute Halloween outfit that Grandma Perry bought her and the other was her Halloween costume. If you click on the photo and make it larger and look closely, you can see Ayla's two bottom teeth.

We started our day at my nephew Lane's Halloween parade at his school. We met my mom, Robert and Carolyn there. We all sat in the multipurpose room and waited to watch all the kids. Someone there decided to put a witches hat on Ayla. She looked so cute but she was not a witch this year.

She was a puppy dog. Yes, that is Ayla under all that fur.

Wasn't she the cutest puppy dog?

I was Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty again. Lane was Batman. This was taken in his classroom after the parade. We had a lot of fun watching Lane go through his parade. Kids would look at me and either say I looked cool or they gave me a crazy scared look. I forgot a few times that I was wearing my costume, until a kid would say something or look at me.

Here is Lane with his mask off, holding a sweet little puppy dog!

After the parade, Ayla and I met up with Grandma Perry, Krista, Morganne, Baby Kurt and Suzanne at Marie Callendiers. A nice woman took the picture of Ayla, while we were waiting for the others.

Morganne was Minnie Mouse. Isn't she a cute Minnie Mouse?

Cute little Baby Kurt was the Cheshier Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Ayla and I got into our costumes there to show everyone. I am glad I brought my costume because can you see the big glass of water on the table? Ayla dumped that all over my lap. Luckily I had my costume off and had it to change back into it. You never think to bring a change of clothes for you but you always bring some for the little one. Let's just say I was lucky it was Halloween and I was carrying my costume around with me.

We decided to get a group picture while we waited for Suzanne to get there. We had to wait anyways because we wanted the lunch menu and it was still pretty early.

After Marie Callendiers, Ayla and I went home for a little nap.

Then we went out to visit my family. We hung out with my dad mostly. We went to lunch again with him and then went and bought candy for the Trunk or Treat at our ward that night. We waited for Aunt Marion to show up, so she could see Ayla in her costume. Most of the family got to see Ayla in her costume that day. That was my goal.

We then went to our Trunk or Treat to hand out candy. It was fun and Ayla was a hit. People didn't know that the puppy dog I was carring around was Ayla. They thought it was a stuffed animal and then they realized it was Ayla and then realized it was me carring her around. We had a lot of fun and were done by 7:30 pm. Perfect time to get Ayla settled down for bed.

It was a nice Halloween!


Jesi said...

What a fun halloween and you all looked so adorable!!! I do my facials at home, the logan country club and at clients home. Really wherever is requested. I'm so excited for this goal. I've already done 8 facials and it's only the 3rd day in november. I think 100 it really attainable for sure. How are you?

Ann Marie said...

The cutest little puppy ever!
You always look like your enjoying life... Glad to know you are so happy!!

Becca said...

ayla did look like a stuffed animal--she was so cozy and adorable! i loved your costume too!

Tierra Lynne said...

Your puppy Dog gets to comes see us on Monday!!!!! Yay!!! I LOVED her costume and you even dressed up too which made me happy! I love it when adults dress up for halloween. And you looked great! Just like Ann said your enjoying life and the blessings are such a joy to watch with you! See you soon!!!

The Hartle's said...

She is so cute in that little costume, I cant handle it!