Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tennessee trip post #1

I decided to post 3 different posts about our trip. There are too many cute pictures to choose from. I want to share all the ones I pick and there are a lot. The posts are mainly going to be pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Monday is the day we left and arrived in Tennessee.

Ayla went on a plane for her first time. 

She was so good on the planes because she was so tired from the night before. I had gotten sick over the weekend and she got the cold Sunday night, right before we were leaving. She only slept for an hour that night, so that was about the sleep I got. It worked out though because she was so tired she slept most of the time during our two flights. Our first plane was leaving at 6:30 am, so we had to get to the airport early. We flew into Atlanta and then we had a layover for about two hours. Our second flight was really short. It was like we got in the air and then started to descend. It went very well. So many people were so helpful during our traveling. I wish I could thank everyone who helped me. It was so fun to watch so many people walk by us in the airports because they would get a big grin when they saw Ayla. It made me such a proud mom. I am so lucky to have her.  She is not only beautiful on the outside but she is so sweet too.

Ayla on our first flight looking out the window. The pictures are so close because I took them myself. I think they turned out though.

This is what Tennessee looks like while landing. There is a lot of farm land and it is so beautiful. The farms are all hilly and they remind me of the way they draw farms in cartoons.

This was taken just minutes after Ayla and Noah met. They were trying to figure each other out.

Still warming up.

Too cute. They became good friends during the week.

This is Even holding both of the tike's. Even is Leah's husband. He is a great guy and he was so good with Ayla. Ayla just loved him.

I was so excited to meet Noah. When I first picked him up he had his bink in his mouth and all I could see were his eyes. They are Leah's eyes for sure. Then the bink came out and he definitely looked like Even. Noah is super cute and such a good baby.

We just chilled that night after Leah and I went to the store to buy food for the week. Leah cooked for us almost every night. Thank you Leah, you did such a great job. 

Tuesday Leah had the day off from work because of Veterans Day. It was so nice to spend the day with her. 

That evening we went to visit her sisters and their girls over at Natosha's house. Natosha is the one holding Ayla.  I love Leah's family, I am so close to them because I have gone on a few family vacations with them and have become part of the family. Natosha just bought a beautiful new home and I got a tour of it from her. 

All the kidos on the floor playing with the dog. Ayla loves dogs. See her reach out to try and touch it?

Kenley and Ayla. 
Kenley is Natosha's daughter.

Ayla with Ashlee and Capri.
Ashlee and Capri are Leah's other sister Corinda's girls.

Even and Noah while we were there.

After we got home we relaxed for a little while before we went to bed.

Ayla and Noah were pretty warmed up to each other by then. Ayla just loved Noah. She became a chatter box that week because she was always trying to talk to Noah. He would always try to talk back. It was the cutest thing.

Too be continued!


Leah said...

Oh, I love it.

We sure do miss you and Ayla.

Noah keeps looking for Ayla.

It breaks my heart.

We'll have to plan a trip out there....BUT NOT BY TRAIN. Evan needs to get over his fear of flying.

Ann Marie said...

Yes.. Leah.. Come out here..
Even if it is by train, car or boat.. Wait.. Not sure how that would happen! Tee-Hee

Love the post Heather!
I loved seeing all of the pictures!
I still think Leah's niece is a mini-Leah. There so big!

Can't wait to see you tomm. afternoon! Whoo-hoo!!!