Thursday, November 6, 2008

Carolyn Birthday Party!

Yesterday we went to visit my family and we celebrated my sister-in-law Carolyn's birthday. Her birthday is on Monday but Ayla and I are not going to be here next week, so we celebrated a week earlier. 

Ayla got to ride in her new car seat going out to the party for the first time. I am so grateful for family. My family bought all the car seats, strollers, the bassinet, the swing and we are borrowing the crib from my siter. Kurt's parents have been keeping clothes on her back. Most of the outfits you see her in, they came from them. We have been extremely blessed from both sides of the family. I am so grateful they all love Ayla so much. Thank you family, I love you!

I had to share this cute picture of my nephew Lane at the party.

Ayla sitting next to Grandma, playing with some of Grandma's dishes. Ayla loves to play with dishes.

Ayla got to have her Aunt Marion there with her. It is a treat when Marion joins us because she can't do it very often, due to the nursing program she is in. The cutest thing about last night was how excited Ayla was to see her Aunt Marion. I took her for a moment to put her on the floor, to show Marion how she can crawl and she started to cry. She stopped immediately when I gave her back to her Aunt Marion. She loves her Aunt Marion!

Carolyn with her cake I made her. I made the simple chocolate one I always do but Carolyn said it is her favorite any ways.

I drew a picture of a frog for Carolyn because she loves frogs.

And of course I framed it.

This was her reaction. 
It is a little blurry but it was the only shot I got of her reaction.

She loved it though. 

It was a wonderful party. We ate a roast dinner that my mom cooked and it was really good. We then gave Carolyn her gifts and then ate cake. I love spending time with the fam!

Happy Birthday Carolyn!


Ann Marie said...

MMMMM I want a piece of that cake!
It was SOOO good to see you, and have you over for a bit yesterday!

Sorry dinner was so rushed, and things were chaos! Welcome to our home! :) Make sure and give Leah and Tierra a big hug for me!
And give little Noah a kiss! :)

The Hartle's said...

Does she love that new seat?! I have been debating about if I should switch Maggie over... I dont want her to grow up!