Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ayla turned 15 months!

Last week on May 25th, my sweet little girl, Ayla turned 15 months. She had her 15 month check up the next day and she is very healthy, just very small. She is on her own curve but she is growing just fine. She weighs 18 lbs. and is 30 1/2 inches long.

This was taken a couple of days after she turned 15 months. 
Notice the crocks on her feet? I put them on her that day so she could ride her little bike she got for her birthday. She now loves them and is always wanting to wear them while we are home. She has even managed to get them on a couple of times. I don't know how but she has. She will learn. Also she loves to put hats on now that I have been putting her in hats while we go outside to protect her from the sun. I love this picture. I have a feeling she might like to play dress up!

Now I would like to put some of her accomplishments during her 14th month:

*She says "Ya and Yes" while shaking her head yes.*

*She has really gotten good at feeding herself with a spoon.*

*She started to try and feed her dolls. She will put food up to their mouths. It is so cute!*

*She has another tooth coming in. That makes 11 total.*

*She learned how to blow kisses and say "Bye, bye" while she waves bye, bye.*

*She started to be able to do a puzzle that Grandma and Grandpa Perry got her for her birthday. It is a wooden one where you try to put animals in the slots they are supposed to go in. She is getting really good at it.*

*She has started to run to the cupboard or the fridge whenever I ask her if she is hungry or thirsty. She understands a lot.*

*She has also learned how to say thank you after you give her something. She doesn't say it every time but she does every once in a while. She will get it down.*

I hope I got everything! She has grown so much this past month with learning new things. I can't believe how she is developing so quickly now. She is a little mocking bird.

Here is a picture of her doing the puzzle.
See how she knows where the pig goes? 

Now she is going for the sheep. 
In the picture she isn't putting it in the right spot but she got it.

Trying to share.
My little sweetie!

I also wanted to list a few firsts that she got to experience that month:

*She likes popsicles.*

*She got to go in a wagon and loved it.*

*She got to go in a normal baby swing for her first time and she really loves that too! She will say, "wheeee!" while she swings.*

Here are a couple of pictures of her on a swing at the park. 
We were there for the elders quorum BBQ. We had a great time there.

Love this picture! 
She is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! I love her so much! Nothing has brought me as much joy as seeing her happy! There is nothing like it!

Below is a short clip of her using her spoon. You can hear Leah, Evan and Noah in the background because they were here when I filmed it. I also love how she says, " Yum!" after she takes a bite. 

Just a side note: My sister and I went to a play called See How They Run last night and it only cost us $9. It was pretty funny and enjoyable to watch. We saw it at a theater that is in downtown Magna called The Empress. It is an old theater that has been restored. It is small but cute. The reason I am telling you this is because they are having a special this Thursday night—two for the price of one. You only have to give them the password when you buy the tickets. The password is "Nolan." 

I took pictures and want to blog about our night but I wanted to do this post about Ayla. But I also wanted to get the word out if anyone is interested.


Cherie said...

She is a doll! I feel like we are watching her grow up with your monthly posts! I really wish blogging had been around when my kids were little - I might have been better at recording these types of milestones - So great that you do this.

I love that she feeds her dolls - how cute is that? And the pink crocs - Love them!

{Mo} said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow and how much they learn? I wish I could absorb and remember things as fast as little ones do!
Ayla is a darling little girl with a great mommy! Keep it up :)

QuintonandChristy said...

I just love

Suzanne said...

The crocs are so adorable!! Love the pics of her on the swing!! Watch out, they grow up too fast and become independent and your feelings get hurt! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

Mary loves her crocs too! She always says" shoes.." I think I'm in trouble.

Ayla looks so darling. Glad her check-up went well.

I was so good at recording everything Tenney did, but now after 3.. I am pathetic.

I do try though.

Hope your having a good week!

Jesi said...

She is getting so big!! I can't believe how big she. What a doll. Hope your doing good!! Love you tons.

T. L. C. said...

Darling Ayla, Oh how I miss you!
Your my favorite redhead and you are learning/doing so much!

How happy I am for you Heather!
Her hair is growing so much!
Does she miss Noah?

Loves ~ T.