Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Watch Ayla Grow! #4

Every 4 months, I do a Watch Ayla Grow post and it is that time again. She just turned 16 months last week on the 25th. Where did the last month go? I can't believe it is July already tomorrow. 

Are you ready to watch Ayla grow?

Here goes:

Ayla at 12 months.
Just being silly. She cracks me up! LOL!!
Look at how tiny her feet were.

Ayla at 13 months.
She is looking up at me because this is when she started to try and get the camera when I would take a picture. It is such a challenge to get pictures now because I always have to run ahead of her and by the time I turn around, this is what I get. I still think she is so cute though.

Ayla at 14 months.
I could get this picture because she was in her car seat. She can't come after me! Ha Ha!!

Ayla at 15 months.
This was when we went to Marion's boyfriend, Monty's father's, wedding. She had a lot of fun running, so I was able to get a lot of cute pictures of her.

Here she is at 16 months. This was taken today.
I don't think she was too happy in it. And notice that she is close to the camera? Ya, she was trying to get it again. LOL!!

She now weighs 20 lbs. and is 31 inches long. So, she has grown a 1/2 of an inch and gained 2 pounds. She is growing. She also looks like she is losing her baby fat. She is thinning in the face. She doesn't look like a baby anymore. She is defiantly a toddler now. 
Her hair is getting really curly too! I love it!!

In this last month she learned how to say, "Hi" and now she waves and says, "Hi" to everyone. Yesterday, she was waving and saying, "Hi" to everyone in Subway. It was so cute. 

She got another tooth and now she has 12 total. She's getting really good at eating. At least the food she likes. She is getting better at liking other foods. I just have to keep trying and it seems to be working. She is now eating canned pears. So there is progress. Yay!!

She has started to let me know when she is thirsty or hungry. She will go to the fridge or the cupboard. I love that she is finding ways to communicate. She is so smart.

She is still doing all the things that she was doing last month but she is getting really good at them. She now says, "Wee" every time she sees a swing. She will even walk up and push the swing, while saying, "Wee." She is so cute! 

She has been able to go down kid slides a lot this past month because she has been going to the park a lot and going over to Grandma's and Grandpa's houses and both sets of grandparents have slides and swings. She has had a lot of fun and has been a lot of fun this past month.

Slow down Ayla! You are growing too fast but I am loving every minute of it!

I love you!!


T. L. C. said...

Oh my curly ness...the curls are great! And those faces? She's def. growing into her own personality.

Miss you!!!!

Suzanne said...

I love the red hair. It is going to just get more beautiful the longer it gets. Cute girl! -Suzanne

TheIcePixy said...

How adorable! I love her hair! It's so crazy how much than can grow in a matter of months!

Nancy Face said...

Awww...such cute curls, and personality plus! :)

My very favorite picture is the one at 15 months in her adorable little dress! :)

Nancy Face said...

Thanks for the sweet comment about painting my parents' TV room! I didn't think to take any "before" pictures, and because their taste in decor is simple, the "after" wouldn't make a very interesting picture with nothing to compare it to! I'll try to remember the camera next time! :)

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...


Elizabeth said...

So cute. I wish I had done "watch the kids grow" kind of posts. I guess it's never too late. Thanks for your recent posts on my blogs. I have been so busy I have neglected everyone else's blogs. I love how you have so much enthusiasm for your daughter and your friends. Ayla is a darling. I liked the water pictures. I'll never forget the first times my kids had. They are fun.