Friday, June 5, 2009

Monday, Tuesday!

On Monday evening, my sister and I had a girls night. We went and ate at Subway and then went to a play. The theater was in Magna

The theater was across from the pharmacy /diner /store our family used to eat at when we were younger. A man named Tom Dyke was the pharmacist that owned the place. We ate breakfast there a lot and got our prescriptions there a lot. 

When I was in high school, Tom had retired and a man named Henry owned the place. We would still go there and eat. The pharmacy part of it was closed. I have a lot of memories of running through the store, buying candy, looking at movies I wanted and looking at merchandise that was from the 50's. They had a lot of old things they sold. It was a cute mom and pop place. 

Here is Marion in front of our old hang out.

And of course we didn't have anyone to take a picture of us!

This is the sad thing— 
this is what it looked like inside. I had eaten here about 10 years ago and now look at it. It made us sad to see our childhood memories disappear.

Look at the once beautiful ceiling, now collapsed. I don't know what happened there.

The irony of it is that this is what the theater used to look like when we were young. We only got to go inside the theater once when some people were thinking of refurbishing it. 

And here is the theater after someone did refurbished it.

We were excited to go in to see what they did to the place. 

And of course, our picture of us!

We got a picture with our friend, Keri after the show. 
She was one of the leads in the play. That is why we went to see the show, to see her.
The Play was called See how they Run. They did a great job. It was pretty funny. 

It was a wonderful night and later that night, I went to the airport to pick up my in-laws. They were just getting back from a trip to Nauvoo.

This is what my mother-in-law brought back for me. 
She had spotted it and thought it had my name all over it. She had to buy it. 
I love our nation's flag and with me doing cakes an apron is perfect. She really loves me and knows me. She also gave me a pink T-shirt. She is so sweet.

She brought back a bonnet for Ayla. Cute, huh?
I wanted to buy a bonnet for Ayla when we went to This is the Place but they didn't have any kid ones. I am glad I didn't buy one now. I love it.

On Tuesday, My mother-in-law took Kurt and I and his sisters and some of her grand kids out to lunch at Sizzler. 

I can't believe how big Baby Kurt has gotten. 
We haven't seen him since Mother's Day. It's is amazing how fast a kid can grow in a month and a half.

Our little pioneers!
Grandma Perry bought bonnets for all her grand-daughters. 
She requested that they wear them for the occasion. Sad to say but our little niece, Brooke was not there to be in the bonnet picture.

Just chilling!
I love this picture of Baby Kurt. I think he looks like Grandpa Perry in it!

Isn't Morganne so cute?
We found out that Morganne is not only allergic to peanut butter but she is also allergic to dogs and wheat. Yes, I said wheat. Wheat is in almost everything. Notice that she has all fruit on her plate? Poor girl. She was so sad she couldn't have the bread. We feel for you Morganne. We love you!!

Ayla wanted the bread too but she was denied too because of the cheese. I hope she will be able to have dairy sometime in her life. 

We had a great lunch and it was nice to have Kurt and Suzanne join us on their lunch breaks. Thanks again to my sweet mother-in-law, Carolanne for lunch and the cute gifts!


Ann Marie said...

Darling bonnets and yes.. the apron is soo you! I want to go to Nauvoo!

Hope you had a happy week!

Cherie said...

Don't the girls looks so cute in their bonnets!!
I love bonnets. I got to wear one when we went on trek and I tell you it is actually something I could get used to. Not only cute and feminine but covers up those bad hair days!

Great visit you had with your sister. So sad about that one restaurant - things never do stay the same do they?

Have a Wonderful weekend!

Me said...

Love the bonnets and the apron!

And girls' night are always great, aren't they? Sorry about your old building. I live now where I grew up so I see lots of things changing all the time. It's really sad sometimes too.

Nancy Face said...

Girls' nights are so much fun! It's very sad to see the store in shambles, but the theater looks just beautiful! :)

I love how Ayla looks in her sweet bonnet! :)