Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A lot to blog about!

We had a very busy week, last week. 

It all started on Tuesday. My mom and I decided to invite my friend, Melissa (who does hair) over to my sister, Marion's house to cut our hair. We played beauty salon. Thanks Melissa!

Here are some before pictures:



I dyed my mom's hair before Melissa came over.

Don't you think her hair matches the Eiffel Tower in the background! LOL!!

Ayla watching TV.
Marion kept Ayla entertained while we dyed my mom's hair.

Then Melissa came and cut my hair.

Then she walked me through cutting my mom's hair. 
This was my second time cutting my mom's hair. I did a lot better this time, Melissa only had to blend it for me and that was because I didn't have the time. Next time I will blend it and then I will be able to cut my mom's hair without help. Ya!

I didn't get "after" pictures until the next day at our family dinner. 

And here they are:


My hair has hardly any blond left in it. This is my natural color. I decided to go natural because it saves money. I like it but I do prefer to be blond. Oh well!

We celebrated Father's Day that night at the family dinner. Mom made a delicious roast dinner.

My dad is so cute. He got on the floor so that Ayla would not be on the floor eating alone.

I made a simple cake for the occasion.

Here is Dad with his cake.

After dinner, we went to a viewing. We had a family friend pass away. We all called her "Mom Barker."  I didn't even know the first name of her and her husband until this past week. I have always known them as Mom and Dad Barker. 

My mom has know Mom and Dad Barker since she was 13 years old. My mom's older sister, Kathy married one of the Barkers. So the Barkers are pretty much our family too. 

I wanted to get a picture of my mom and her sister, Kathy at the funeral the next day.
Yes, I went to the funeral on Thursday.

It was a sad but peaceful funeral. Mom Barker had a hard time this past year and now she is reunited with Dad Barker.

On Saturday, we went to breakfast at IHOP with my dad to celebrate Father's Day and then afterwards we went to visit uncle Charlie's grave to put a flower on it. 

Here is his grave.
You can't tell in the picture but his headstone has trains on it. He worked for the railroad and had retired about 3 years before he passed. 

We had all gone to the viewing on Wednesday at the cemetery where Charlie was buried so we went to visit his grave. The reason we went again was because we wanted to go back with some flowers. I could tell it was hard on my dad, which breaks my heart. He was really close to Charlie. At Charlie's funeral my dad broke down in tears and it killed me because I had never seen my dad that sad.

And of course Ayla found some balloons at a grave and wanted to play with them.
Notice the stuffed animal cat she is holding? Well, while we were at IHOP earlier, I showed Ayla this cat which was a bad idea. She got excited and didn't want to put it back. I was going to put it back once she got bored of it but then she goobered on it, so I had to buy it. I have learned my lesson about those stuffed animals in the front of IHOP; They know what they are doing. It is a SCAM, I tell you! A SCAM!

Well, maybe it wasn't a bad idea after all. 
Ayla has been carrying that cat all over. She loves it!

Here is a picture of Ayla on Sunday, after church. 
She is wearing an adorable hand-me-down dress and shoes. Do you recognize it Katie and Ann? Katie gave it to Ann and then Ann gave it to us. Thank you Katie and Ann, I love that dress!

After church we went and spent some time with Kurt's parents. Ayla got to swing on their swing set there and got to play on a kid slide. I didn't get picture because I was just lazy. It was adorable though. We plan on going over there this next Sunday, so maybe then I will get some pictures.

It was such a busy week and, on top of it, I have been getting things ready for girl's camp for the Young Women. That has been a lot of work but I love the girls; They are worth it.


Nanette said...

Love Love Love the hair!!! :)

Nancy Face said...

Nice haircuts, YAY! I love the cake you made...also the Eiffel Tower you made with your mom's hair! :D

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

your hair looks great girl!! such a babe:) hope you have fun at camp take some bug spray:)

Jared and Laura said...

Love your new haircut, very flattering!! So glad I can sort of stay in touch through blogs.:) You and Ayla need to come have a swim day at my place...hint, hint.:)

Cherie said...

The hair looks great! I love that you colored and cut your mom's hair - a great skill to learn definately!!

{Mo} said...

You've been busy! Heather, you are such a talented girl....haircuts, cakes, girls camp, what don't you do?

TheIcePixy said...

I really like your new hair cut! Melissa did a great job! I had no idea that blond wasn't your natural color! I like your true color though. It's pretty!