Friday, August 29, 2008

Ayla is 6 months!

WOW, 6 months already! Where does the time go?
Ayla turned 6 months on Monday the 25th. She had her wellness check up on Tuesday. I wanted to post this earlier, but Kurt was reformatting the computer so I had to wait a day and then I got real busy with taking our laundry out to my parents and trying to get things done around the apartment. Plus, I am really into "Eclipse", so when I get a chance to settle down, I want to read. Anyways, the exciting thing is, Ayla is doing well. She is growing at a great pace. She weighs 14 lbs. and is 26 inches long.

Of course, she had her shots on Tuesday. This picture was not taken that day. I just thought it was appropriate for the occasion. It expresses how she feels and how I feel about her getting her shots. She did really well this time and so did I. I didn't cry this time. The first time she got her shots. I almost left the room, but then thought about her and how she needed me. When they took her away from me and put her on the table. I was balling. I said, "I feel like I am throwing her to the wolves!" The nurse said , "You are!" It was so hard to watch, because Ayla was lying there looking around with a smile on her face and had no idea what was coming to her. After her shots, she was crying so bad, the worst I had heard her so far. I picked her up and we cried together. She was so upset. She puked all over me. Poor thing. That night she cried all night because one of the shots was almost in her hip instead of her leg, so she was in a lot of paine. Needless to say, her first shots was not a pleasant experience. At her 4 month, I was not looking forward to her shots because of the first experience. I was crying again when I "threw her to the wolves" again. She did much better the second time. This time was a little more easier for me because of the second time was not that bad. Of course she still cried, but I picked her up and bounced her around to clam her down. She was a little bit whiney that night but not too bad. We still had to give her Tylenol, because she did seem to be in some pain.

Here is a picture of one of the band aids they put on her. "Bugs Bunny." I love her little chubby legs and her tiny ankles. I think they are too cute. It was kind of nice this time, I didn't need to take the band aids off. She did it herself. She would look down and grab it and tear it off. It didn't seem to bother her. The first couple of times, I had to soak her in her tub, to get the band aids off because they were so stuck to her.

She did seem pretty happy in between whines. She did great!

Of course, she was exhausted, but we made it through another day of shots.

On another note, Kurt finally gave birth to his sharp kidney stone. On Thursday the 28th at 5:57 a.m. What a relief!

Look at the thing! It is so pointy! OUCH!
I am so glad to have both of these over!


Ann Marie said...

Cute post! Tell Kurt congrats!

Yes... The shots are bad, but imagine if you didn't get them because you didn't want to see them cry, and then they got Measles or Polio. It's kind of the trendy thing right now to not give your kids vaccines. My Grandmother always warned me that " If we lived through those times with the diseases, we would stand in a long line to do it! ".
Not to make you terrified, but Mary's 1 year were the worst. All TERRIBLE ones, and she has 2 chicken pox on her arms to prove it. :( When I went a month ago, there was a flyer that said that 15 states have reported measles outbreakes right now. Utah thankfully isn't one of them *yet* but, Measles was practically gone in the 1970's. It just goes to show, they are here for a reason..

Anyways, after all my shots novel (sorry) Ayla looks so big, and cute. Time is going by way too fast! Love ya!

The Hartle's said...

Holy she is a doll! I love the close up of her chunky legs! Maggie already misses her!