Friday, August 22, 2008

Tummy Time

To like it or not to like it? That is the question.

When Ayla was a newborn we were concerned about her getting flat head because she was getting it a little. I tried to give her tummy time but she hated it. She would cry and then she would start to scream. I felt bad so I would pick her up. I held her a lot because I didn't want her to get flat head.

Now Ayla has mastered rolling over only onto her stomach. She has not quiet master rolling back. Every time I put her on the floor or in her bassinet she rolls over. The problem with this is that she is hard to lie down for bed or a nap because she gets frustrated when she can't roll back but she loves rolling over. I don't like the fact that she wants to lay on her stomach now in her bed. The other day she fell asleep and I put her in her bed on her back. I left the room for ten minutes and when I came back to check on her she was asleep on her stomach directly FACE DOWN! I freaked because she didn't look like she was breathing. I thought she was dead and that I was going to have to do CPR. I shook her to wake her up. She didn't respond right away, so I shook her again and she woke up. I felt so relieved and my heart was pumping so fast. I called her pediatrician and she told me not to worry, that Ayla was old enough to be coordinated to turn her head if she couldn't breath. She also told me that if I see her face down again, to turn her head to the side to help her breath so that it would not wake her up. She told me she would be fine. The problem is that I am not fine. I am such a paranoid mother I have to check on her as much as possible while she sleeps to make sure she is okay, so needless to say I am not sleeping very well at night. I wake up a lot in the night and check to see if she is on her stomach. I guess it is not that big of a deal during the day because I can supervise her. At night it is a different story. Last night was extremely hard because not only was I paranoid about Ayla. I was worried about Kurt. He is passing a kidney stone. Yes, I said a kidney stone. It started yesterday around 3pm and he is still trying to pass it. It is so hard to see him in so much pain, so between the two of them, I didn't get much sleep last night.

I guess I am happy that Ayla is finally beginning to like tummy time. On the other hand, I am starting to hate tummy time. Can you blame me or am I just too paranoid?

I had to share this picture of her doing tummy time because she is smiling. Like I said, she is starting to like tummy time.


Mo said...

I think that is one thing all moms have in common...WORRY & STRESS, but I think it's worse with your first.
Hopefully the kidney stone passes soon, nothing is worse. All I could compare it to was labor and at least with that you get a darling baby to compensate for the pain.

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad you called the Doc. Good idea about turning her head.
Poor Kurt! I have had one, and it's um... unbearable. I hope he has some good meds to help ease the pain some. I was drinking so much water, it was coming out water. Has he had them before? Has he been to the doctor?

I hope your able to have a good birthday tomm, and you get a restful night of sleep! How did you like your picture on my blog? If you want to borrow the Gilligan hat, you can anytime! :)
Love you! Happy Birthday Saturday!!

Tierra Lynne said...

Oh Heather, I feel so bad for your Kurt! I've never passed a kidney stone but they say that the pain is as bad as giving birth! And all though I've never done that either...I hope everything goes well and gets...passed!

But, I can understand your stress w/ Ayla! My nephew who is like my own, when he was a baby and I would leave him for just a few minutes I had to get right back there. In some ways the stress and worry gets better But yet now he's six and can walk away when were at the store....Well lets just say I DO feel your pain on this issue.