Sunday, August 17, 2008

A lot to catch up on.

I have not been keeping up on my blog like I would like to. I have been distracted reading the Twilight books. Yes I am hooked. I love them.

I do want to share some things about Ayla this week. She has tried to master sitting up and rolling over. She is doing great at both. She has also begun to say "La, La, La!" over and over again. She yells it and it is pretty loud. It is adorable. She is starting to talk instead of just cooing. Though she has not said her first word yet, of course.

This weekend was fun. I usually go to breakfast almost every Saturday with my dad, uncle and my sister. So that is how I started my weekend. After that I had a relaxing Saturday. I got to watch the movie "Enchanted." I love that movie. It is so cute. I also got to read a lot that day.

Sunday was great, while we were in Sacrament meeting at church, Kurt was feeding Ayla a bottle. He was holding her head up with his left arm and I was sitting on the left of him. Ayla began to lean back and look up at me. It was so cute. After a while Kurt just handed her to me. He thought she wanted me. I think she was just having fun looking at me. After church we went around visiting Kurt's side of the family. First we went to Suz and Chris's and then we went down to Orem to see Krista's family. So we got to see baby Kurt! Yay! He is too cute. What a great week and weekend.

This is a picture of Ayla I took before we got up to go to breakfast.

My dad sitting at the table at Dee's family restaurant. We usually go to Dee's. A lot of the waitresses know us pretty well. They loved rubbing my belly while I was pregnant. Now they love to see and hold Ayla.

Our uncle Ernie. I love my uncle Ernie. :)

Ayla just waiting to be taken out of the car seat. Such a good baby! :)

This is my dad's best friend Gary. He joined us this time because he was taking my dad to a cabin for the weekend. How fun for my dad! He and my dad have been friends for as long I can remember. I think they were friends before I was born.

I had to post the picture of my sister Marion and Ayla. Too cute!

And of course this one. Ayla hanging out on the table. Once again too cute!

Ayla on her Uncle Chris's lap looking in the mirror. I love visiting family!!

And of course, here is a darling picture of the new addition to the Perry family. Baby Kurt. We love him!!

Last but not least, my handsome hubby holding Baby Kurt!!


LeahBug101 said...

Yeppiee....I am the first one to post something. Ayla is so flippin cute. OH, I just want to squeeze her. Her smile is so addictive, isn't it. You can't help but smile when she smiles at you. Oh, I can't wait to meet her. And remember her and Noah are going to get hitched in about 21 years okay. =)
Love ya, like a bottle of water.

Rebecca said...

I love that first shot of Ayla kicking back with her hands behind her head. Too cute!

Tierra Lynne said...

I'm so happy you are hooked to the Twilight Saga. AwWw I could go on and on...

I saw Enchantment this past weekend too and I was really surprised at how much I liked it! Definitely a must to watch with Ayla as she's growing up!

Ann Marie said...

What fun you've had! ~ And you are not alone. Many women abandon houswork and everything to read those books! Where are you? We'll have to have a big'ol conversation when you finish!

All of the pictures are adorable!
Ayla is very loved and adored by all!
The one of her and Marion is so sweet!
They grow soo fast! Too fast!!