Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ayla made some new friends!

Yesterday Ayla and I met my friend Tonya and her two kids for lunch. Guess where? You guessed it Wendy's. It is cheap and fast and if any one has a kid you know that is what you want. I have been friends with Tonya for about 17 years. We go way back. Yesterday was the first time that Ayla and Tonya met. We get together about two to three times a year. She lives down in Saratoga Springs which is a little far from us but not too far.

Tonya, her daughter Shaylyn and Ayla. I thought it was weird that the tables were turned. I use to watch Shaylyn when I was about her age and she was about Ayla's age. I can't believe how time flies.

This is Tonya's son Cody. Cody is such a cute kid. He is so talkative and loves to show and tell.

Ayla also got to meet our friend Chris Miller yesterday. We are friends with Chris through Leah. He is practically Leah's brother. He lives here in Utah. He brought over Ayla's gift that Leah and Evan gave her. He goes out to Tennessee a lot to be with Leah's family.

Here is a picture of what Leah and Evan gave her. We love it! I will have to take a picture of it when I fill it with Ayla's picture and hospital band.

I loved this! Ayla was so tired yesterday from the days events that she fell asleep on me feeding her. ZZZZ.....


Ann Marie said...

Cute pictures! What a sweet little girl you have. I have never had a baby fall asleep in there highchair! Very cute!

Elizabeth said...

She is so cute. I hope it's ok that I looked at your blog. We didn't know eachother very well but I always wanted to get to know you. Your little girl is adorable. Megan falls asleep in her high chair quite often, usually due to daddy leaving her in there while he goes off to do something else. What can I say?