Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ayla turned 19 months!

I am so far behind in blogging. I am finding it harder and harder to post. I am only getting 1 post in a week now and I used to get at least 3 or 4. Things are just so busy. Mainly, Ayla needs me more and more each day. She is so active.

Anyway, Ayla turned 19 months on the 25th of September. I wanted to post about her accomplishments.

Here is a picture of her at 19 months
She loves hot dogs.

She is now 31 and 3/4  inches tall. She weighs 21 lbs. So she has almost grown an inch in a month and she has gained a pound. Go Ayla!

Now, I want to document the things she has learned  and accomplished in her 18th month.

She learned how to make more animal noises:


She has learned more body parts and can point to them:


Now, for what she has accomplished:

She has learned how to climb a slide.

And slide down on her own.

She has finally gotten the hang of the stairs and she can go up and down them on her own. I still hover though.

She got to see a baby elephant, 3 tiger cubs, a snow leopard cub and a baby giraffe at the zoo.

She has come to love the Carousal. She didn't seem to care for it before.

She mastered her barn. She knows how to put all the letters in the right way and put all the animals in the right spots, matching up the shapes.

She has mastered her giraffe bike and can turned and maneuver anywhere she wants.

I am so proud of her and everything she learns each day. She amazes me! She has become quite the mocking bird. She is starting to copy everything we do. I guess I really need to step up to the plate now and make sure she doesn't learn any bad habits from me.


Cherie said...

Ohhh she is so sweet and you are such a good mom. Never put blogging or anything else ahead of these precious moments because these toddler months really do fly by! You are so great for recording it all.
She really looks tall for her age and I love her blue eyes!

Leah said...
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Leah said...

good job ayla :) she is growing up so fast. it sure has flown by hasn't it.

Noah just got a slide too...and he LOVES it.

do you know what she is going to be for halloween yet?

Nanette said...

Murdock said a bad word once and we realised that some of the shows we watch-even the PG ones have naughty words in them and so no more grown up TV for Murdy!

She is just a' growing!

Hey you won on my blog. :)

Suzanne said...

She's a growing girl!! Have fun with her during this stage. Ít is a time that you will never get back! -Suzanne

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

love the halloween jammies. what a doll. what is she going as for halloween?

Ann Marie said...

What fun things she can do now!
She and Mary C would have so much fun together!

If you think she keeps you busy now...just wait...

The Hartle's said...

I cant believe these little girls of ours! How come they are getting so big! Maggie says to tell Ayla that she misses her!

Christy said...

Ayla is so cute! I love reading what you guys are up to. julie said you and i are to plan the next get together!

Jared and Laura said...

How fun! Can't believe she's already 19 months...she's such a cutie!