Saturday, October 31, 2009

Made for Halloween!

This post is long but it is mostly pictures.

I wanted to post what we made for Halloween.

First, I baked cupcakes on Monday. We decorated them for FHE

Here is Kurt decorating his.

Here are the ones he did. 
Top row: cockroach's (he would), spider, Boo and "Blam!" Blam is a word we use when Kurt and I are playing a game of chess and the other one takes out a piece. We scream "Blam!" aka in your face. One time we were playing scrabble and he yelled it and put it down as a word and then said, "Just kidding." and fixed it to the word "lamb." He cracks me up!
Bottom row: Ace ( Ace is a character he made up with his works logo. He makes animations for his work with Ace), a guy who got the pee scared out of him, a man who was stabbed a bunch of times and is  bleeding to death and a nose with snot, Yuck. I don't even know how he ate that one.

These were the ones I decorated, one ghost, a cat, a spider, 4 pumpkins and 4 mummies. I got the mummy idea from my friend, Cherie's blog. There are a lot of cute other ideas from her post. You can see the post here.

Here is Ayla after she ate the cockroach one. Yuck! She doesn't look too happy. I don't think I would be either after eating a cockroach cupcake! LOL!

The next day, she did enjoy one of the mummy ones I decorated. She actually enjoyed both cupcakes.

I think I prefer cupcakes to cookies because they don't take as long to decorate. This is one of the traditions we do, decorate something sweet for Halloween.  We did cookies last year. You can see them here.

I did make some cookies this week. They were:

Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies.
They were so easy 

Here is the recipe:
1 box spice cake mix
1 (15 oz.) can solid-pack pumpkin (the small can)
1 cup of chocolate chips

preheat oven at 350

Spray cookie sheets lightly with vegetable spray (Pam)

Mix together cake mix and pumpkin. You don't need eggs or anything else. Then put in the chocolate chips. 

Drop by large rounded spoonfuls onto cookie sheet; they don't flatten out much so however you place them on the sheet is pretty much how they'll look after baking.

Bake for 8 to 15 minutes, depending on the size of your cookies.

Pretty easy huh?

Speaking of pumpkin....

I carved a pumpkin on Thursday and baked the pumpkin seeds.

Here it is on the table for us to enjoy. When we go to bed, he goes outside to stay fresh. Don't you love Ayla's little pumpkin?

Ayla enjoys our pumpkin. That is why I carved it. 

This is what he looks like in the dark.

3 years ago, my nephew, Lane wanted to be a ghostbuster for Halloween. So I made him a costume.

This is what a ghostbuster looks like. I am sure most people know. The one in the middle is Peter Venkman. So that is who Lane wanted to be.

Here is his costume 3 years ago.
Look at how little he was! So cute!

See Venkman?

Here is the logo I made. I printed these patches on the computer, then ironed them onto a shirt, then cut them out and then sewed them on. It was a lot of work.

This is the pack that we made him. My dad and my sister, Marion helped me with this one.

Well, Lane wanted to be a ghostbuster this year again. My bother, Robert called me to ask me if I knew where the costume I made him 3 years ago was. I was like, WHAT? YOU GUYS KEPT IT! Apparently it was lost. I was mad because I had made that costume big enough so that he could where the shirt part over his coat and so he could wear it again if he wanted to.

Well, Lane asked me to make him another one. I couldn't say know to my Lane. So that has been the project I have been working on the past 3 weeks.

My dad had some vacation and he helped me make Lanes pack again.

Here are the materials we used:
Styrofoam, piping, tape, drink holder, news paper, tubing, ice cream bucket lid and black paint.

We ended up cutting the bottom of the ice cream bucket instead of using the lid.

Dad putting the tubing in.

We used a lot of duct tape. We used it for the straps. 

We decided to use newspaper to cover it, to save on tape. Last time we used a ton of tape because we found out that, when you painted it, the paint ate the styrofoam.

After we built it, my dad painted it.

Next, I printed the patches out on different transfer paper. This time I didn't need to sew them on. 

I just had to iron them on.

Here is the whole costume. 

And here is Lane in it.

I think the patches turned out better this time. I wish I would have known about that transfer paper the last time I did it. It would have been easier.

Here is the "Venkman" patch.

And here is the pack. I put stickers on it this time. 
I think the costume turned out awesome and I told them to give it back to me when they were done. Then I can keep it and if he wants to wear it again, I have it. You never know. Maybe we will have a boy some time and he will want to wear it.

The night I took the pictures of Lane at my parent's house, my dad and I decided to put my dad's skeleton out for Halloween.

We put it in the rose bush. It looked the best there.

I tried to take a picture of my dad with my dog, Chico in his jacket with the skeleton. And this is what happened. I thought it was cool. His reflectors on his jacket glowed. Just like a ghost. OOOOOOH!

Last but not least, on my way home from my parents that night, I drove past this awsome Halloween house. I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. It is really creative.  I love the windows. 

If you click on the picture you can see what is in the windows. One has a groom holding a bride's head with a strobe light. Another has a witch in it with a strobe light. The living room window has a massacre scene. There are also graves in the yard. I think the man made up his house very well.

Anyway, there you have it. I know this post was pretty long. I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy Halloween!


Nanette said...

Happy Halloween!
Love the cupcakes!

Ann Marie said...

Wow.. that is a neato house!
Kurts cock roach cupcake.. LOL!

Yours looked so cute and yummy! I almost thought do we need New Moon cupcakes?? Ha-ha.. j/k.

Love all of the pictures.. and HOLY MOLY.. you did great work on the Ghostbusters costume. Good call to have them give it back for future use. Happy Haloween! ♥

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

classic! i loved the cupcakes heather! SEREOUSLY HELP ME MAKE ROLLED FONDANT I NED HELP!
and the ghostbuster costume was fabulous! i am quite impressed my friend:)

Suzanne said...

Kurt is so creative!! And the ghostbusters costume was AWESOME!! Hope you guys had a memorable Halloween! -Suzanne