Monday, October 26, 2009

Watch Ayla Grow! #5

Ayla turned 20 months yesterday. It has been another 4 months since the last time I did a, "Watch Ayla grow post." So it is time for another one.

Here she is at 16 months, playing in the water at aunt Marion's.

Here she is at our table at 17 months.

This is still 17 months.
We were at my friend, Ann's house for her daughter, Mary's birthday party. Ann took this picture and I borrowed it from her blog. Thanks Ann.

Here she is at 18 months.
This was one of the many times we went to the zoo.

Here she is at 19 months.
This picture cracks me up. She wanted to put on Daddy's church socks. I think they look like boots. LOL!! She is so funny!

Here she is again at 19 months.
She had fallen asleep in her high-chair, with a piece of garlic bread in her mouth. Precious!

19 months still.
My beautiful little girl. This pretty dress was a hand-me-down from my friend, Ann. Who got it from our friend, Katie.

And here she is at 20 months.
This was taken before we went to church, yesterday. She is wearing another cute hand-me-down dress. Thanks again Katie and Ann.

Ayla now weighs 21 lbs and is 32 inches tall. So she has gained a pound and has grown a 1/4 of an inch.

During her 19th month, she has learned how to say a couple of things.

"No, way!" is her favorite

"I (pointing to her eye)... love... WEEE!(pointing at you)" Apparently, "weee" is her word for "you." She will get it.

She is such a hoot! She gets more and more fun. She started to act like she is singing when she hears music. She actually doesn't make any sounds. She just moves her mouth. So she is lip syncing. It is so cute. I got a clip of it tonight with the camera and I will post it on another post.

Some of the fun things she got and got to do this past month were:

Go to the zoo with just her mommy.
We had gone to the zoo 5 times together this year but this was the first time we went by ourselves. It was fun and we were there from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. It was so fun just having it be the two of us. Mother and daughter time.

She received a table and chair from Grandma and Grandpa Perry where she got to sit down and eat a bowl of cereal with her soy milk for her first time. She loves to be independent and this made her feel like a big girl. She is getting really good at using utensils.

Speaking of independence, she now tries to dress herself and can strap herself in her high-chair on her own. She is growing up.

Another thing she got this past month was a kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa Perry. It was a hand-me-down from our niece, Brooke. It is so cute. It makes sounds and every thing. Ayla plays with it every day. When I brought it home, Ayla had a hard time getting to bed. It was like Christmas. I love hand-me-downs!

Ayla also got to have her first Tea Party with her friend, The Mummy and her pet tiger. See the fake spaghetti on the plate? She pretends she is eating that all the time and acts like she is drinking out of her baby doll's bottle. It is so cute. She is starting to exercise her imagination. I love it!

Ayla mommy is so proud of you! I love you! Slow down! You are growing up too fast!


Nanette said...

Gotta love the second hand things-they make life SO much easier!
She is such a princess Heather, a complete doll.
The garlic bread still has me laughing.

Christy said...

That picture in the high chair is so stinkin cute!

Chad and Clair said...

It does go by too fast! (not that I would know) She really is getting big! Hope everything is good with yuo guys!

Ann Marie said...

She looks so darling in the dresses! Katie sure has blessed us lots! :)
Your such a good Mommy!
I love her kitchen.. Mary may get one from Santa.. we'll see!

Leah said...

I AM HAPPY SHE LOVES THE ZOO. :) I wish I could take Noah...maybe next year.

She is growing up faster and thing we know she'll be driving and going to proms and stuff. ahhhh!!!
slow down Ayla....slow down.

Great post...there are some way cute pictures of Ayla. I still LOVE her red hair. :)

Miss you lots.

Cherie said...

She is sure a cute girl! You are going to have so much fun with her during the holidays - she is going to LOVE wrapping paper and boxes!!

P.S. You can use any of those cupcakes, etc...from my blog. No problem :D

Krista said...

Oh, I love these pictures. She's so sweet. I miss you guys so much! Hopefully I'll see you on Halloween.