Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My sister's birthday party!

My sister, Marion's birthday was last Thursday but we celebrated it last Wednesday.

I love to make Marion's cakes because I like to do Halloween cakes. I know that her birthday is not on Halloween but it is in the month of October and that is good enough for me. This year I did a mummy cake for her. I wanted to do a grave yard scene but she wanted a spice cake with cream cheese frosting not chocolate, so I went with the mummy cake. One year I did a pumpkin cake for her. You can see it here.

We celebrated her birthday at my parent's house.

Marion's boyfriend, Monty came too this time. 

Gotta love Lane brain!
We had Marion's favorite, hamburger soup.

Ayla loves her Aunt Marion.

My brother, Robert with the cake.

We all sang "Happy Birthday!"

And Dad cut the cake.
He killed the mummy. Is it possible to kill a mummy?

When we were teenagers, we always went to a haunted house for Marion's birthday. It became a tradition.

I am so glad she lives here again. She lived in Washington state for 10 years. She has been home for 3 and a half years and we have started the tradition again.

We went to "Nightmare on 13th" a week before her birthday.
Don't you just love my Photoshop job? Hee, hee!
It totally looks fake but I love it!

I had Kurt take a picture of us at our house the night we went to the haunted house. I didn't want to take my camera to the haunted house but I got my picture with us and the haunted house now, didn't I?

I took this on Monday when I went grocery shopping at Walmart a cross the street from "Nightmare on 13th."

I think the picture turned out okay. I could have done better if I had more time. I could have messed with lighting and everything but I don't have the time for that now. It took me long enough to cut us out. I am starting to get better at Photoshop.

As for the haunted house, we had a good time. It freaked me out a couple of times. My favorite was the insane asylum part. It had a hall that looked so real. It really looked like a run-down insane asylum.

I didn't care for the extra rooms that you pay extra for. It was really closed in and sometimes it felt like you couldn't breath and I am not even claustrophobic. It did freak me out thinking I could get the swine flu from all the faces that touched some of the sheets that hit your face. Yuck! I had to shower when I got home. I felt so dirty. Next time I think I will just stick to the main haunted house and not do the extra rooms.

I know I enjoyed Marion's birthday. I hope she enjoyed it as well.
Happy Birthday Marion! I love you!


Leah said...

I miss the old days of going to haunted houses wiht you........ man, we loved being scared. I am such a baby now, I would wet my pants and cry for sure if I went now. ha,ha It's the truth.

I love your cake, it looks so much better then what I pictured in my head after talking to you on the phone. you did such a great job, like you always do. I swear your caked just keep getting better and better ever time.


Nanette said...

You are more brave than I-haunted houses give me nightmares so I don't go.
What an adorable cake!

Ann Marie said...

This post made me sad for the haunted houses as well...

I love being scared.

LOVE the mummy cake. Happy Birthday to Marion!

Suzanne said...


I am standing and applauding you for the mummy cake!! Well done! I also applaud the photo shop work!! That is just too dang funny! -Suzanne

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...


Krista said...

I love your photoshopped pic! :) And the mummy cake is just pure awesome, of course.

Nancy Face said...

I love love love the happy mummy cake! Also the pumpkin one you did before! :)

Christy said...

The mummy cake is so awesome! You are so talented Heather! I am good for any Sat in November. What weekend is good for you? And where do we want to go?

Cherie said...

The cake turned out great Heather!!! Happy Birthday to your sister. BTW you are so sweet to always make all these fun cakes for everyone :D