Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Halloween decor! 2009

Have I mentioned yet that I love Halloween? Well, I do! We don't have a lot of Halloween decor but we're starting to collect some. I have decided to buy one Halloween decoration a year. Preferably from the dollar store, due to funds.

Last year, I bought this cute sign from the dollar store.

This year, I bought this cute little witch. I love her.

I am excited that we live in this house because I was able to get some things out of storage. One of the things I wanted from storage were my holiday Ty plush. So, I was able to use my Halloween ones for the first time in years.

I decided to put my black bear next to our little Jack o' Lantern (made from a gourd). Actually, her name is Becky. She is a girl pumpkin.

I put some leaves with a couple of Beanie Babies on the top of our big windows. This one has a ghost and a bat. Kurt liked the bat. He has never seen my Beanie Babies before because they have been in storage our whole marriage.

This one has my favorite Halloween Beanie Baby in it. It's Quivers. He is the ghost on the right. He is a bear that is a ghost and I love his hands. He has the cutest fingers.

Last but not least, I have my big ghost Beanie Buddy named Spooky inside a black cauldron on our kitchen table.  

Spooky is the only one in Ayla's reach and of course she loves to play with him.

Well, there you have it. It is not much but it will be in years to come.


Chad and Clair said...

Love the halloween stuff! I am so sad that we can't put our halloween stuff out yet because we don't have our own stuff yet.

Ann Marie said...

How fun to see the Beanies out!

I still remember working the shops with all of you and how CRAZY people were over them. Remember limiting them? and how all of the Airport employees would go from store to store to get them?? Oh it makes me laugh.

I LOVE all of my holiday beanies that I kept. They look so cute.. and I love the ones you have.
~ Glad Ayla is enjoying them as well.

I try and only buy one new thing a year as well.. and I try to write the year on the bottom so I'll remember it..but then again.. I gave away a few things this year.. so I can't get too sentimental.

Can't wait to see you next month! Woot!

Nanette said...

What a fantastic start to your Halloween collection!! Adorable!

{Mo} said...

I Love the bat sign... so cute. I only kept a handfull of my holiday beannies. I'm not sure why? They look cute and it looks like Miss Ayla loves them too!

Jared and Laura said...

Super cute halloween decor! And I'm all about the dollar store...there stuff is great!

Miss Megan said...

I love fall and fall decorations! Isn't this the best time of the year! Your daughter looks like she is having fun with all the cute stuffed animals/beanie babies you put out. Happy Halloween!

Leah said...

I heart fall. your halloween stuff. :) looks so cute.

I think I have to agree with Ann, every time I see Beanie babies...I have to think of atg. :) Those things were NUTS.

I swore I'd never work somewhere that sold collectible crap ever again. But then I got a job at a bank, and I had to endure all of those STUPID state quarters....and then they came out with the presidental dollars, and new pennies. It's like the beanie babies all over again. :) hee,hee
will it ever end????