Friday, October 24, 2008

What a fun FFHE!

We had our Friday Family Home Evening tonight and it turned out well. We read from the Ensign for our lesson and then our activity was decorating Halloween sugar cookies.

We decided to do sugar cookies instead of cupcakes because I had found these cute cookie cutters at the dollar store a while back. We both thought they were more fun than cupcakes because you could do so much more with them. Plus I love these sugar cookies. They are a family recipe. I grew up eating these cookies.

It is always fun decorating with Kurt. I always look forward to what he can create and he gets pretty creative. Ayla was a good girl. She just chilled in her high-chair playing with a spoon between us while we decorated.
The next 4 pictures below are pictures of all the cookies. 

The next 3 pictures below are my 6 top favorite ones we made. I will also let you know who decorated what.

Frankenstein: I did this one
Squid right next to it: Kurt did this one

Kurt did both of these: an apple and a raven's head. Like I said, he got creative. :)

These two were my favorite ones. I did the Jack Skeleton and Kurt did Egore.

That was a lot of fun and worth all the work!


Ann Marie said...

How cute! You both are quite the artists..
I could never take the time to decorate each one like that.. I can barely frost them before they are just devoured...:)

QuintonandChristy said...

your sugar cookies are beautiful. Mine always look like orange (or whatever color) blobs! Sounds like you had fun