Friday, October 10, 2008

DI finds!

Yesterday my dad came over and took us out to lunch. We were going to stay home that day but we went out with Grandpa. We ended up going to a few places. We went to Micheal's craft store and the DI.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Ayla in the shopping cart at Micheal's. It was her first time sitting in a cart all by herself and not in a car seat. Too cute!

We went to Micheal's to pick up some cake materials for a Twilight cake I am going to be making for my friend Ann's Twilight party. I am so excited to go to the party and to make the cake. I will post the cake later. The party is not until November 21st.

We also went to the DI to get my cousin Sandy a purse. I told her I would get her one. While we were there I picked up a few things for us.

I love Nativities so I couldn't pass this one up. It was only a $1 and I loved it.

I found a couple of books for Ayla. The books both together cost me $1. I love the book "Where The Wild Things Are" so I had to buy it.

When I was little, I remember my Grandma Marion had little glasses for us kids to drink out of. These little glasses reminded me of those. They had a ton of them but I only had come to get a purse for my cousin so I only bought 4 and they cost me $2 total. Can you see how little they are? They are perfect for little fingers.

I also got the perfect purse for my cousin and it only cost me $1. I got a few things for only $5. I love the DI!

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Ann Marie said...

Yay for DI!!! I LOVE finds there!
I am soo exited to see the cake.. I know it will be awesome!

Yesterday was Mary's first time in a cart too! I ALWAYS had her strapped in a car seat because of the germs.. You know me.. the germaphobe.. I'm the one that carry's the anti-bacterial wipes in my purse to wipe down the shopping carts... Yucky!!