Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall decor!

I wanted to share our fall decor. It is more Halloween decor. I love Halloween! We don't have a whole lot but the little we have, I will show you. I do have a few Halloween Beanie Babies but they are in storage and I didn't feel like getting them out. I will next year though. I know Ayla will have a lot of fun with them.

I bought this sign at the dollar store. I thought it was cute and I couldn't pass up the price, just $1. This hangs on our front door on the inside. I don't want it to get stolen, due to the neighborhood we live in. Kurt says, "Why do you care? It was only a dollar." but I like it and that is why I don't want it to get stolen.

This is our Halloween gourd. They sell these at the airport gift shops. One of my coworkers bought this one for Kurt and I for our 1st anniversary. I worked there for 8 years. The cute thing about these gourds is they all have names. This one is "Becky." Yes, she is a lady.

These are some fall pillows we got from our wedding. I don't remember who got them for us but I could go through all the thank you cards we filled out but never sent. OOPS!
Do you love my little Vanna White? She displays the pillows just perfect.

I usually use this black cauldron to put candy in but I got a couple of fall leaf vines from the dollar store and decided to display them like this. It is in the center of our coffee table.

These are our pumpkins this year. Ayla has her own. Can you guess which one is hers? You are right, the BIG one. Hee Hee. Just kidding the little one is hers. Isn't it so cute. We will be carving the large one this Friday at our, FFHE, Friday Family Home Evening. Kurt and I decided to do FHE on Fridays because he goes to school on Mondays. So we are going to start having it starting this Friday. Yeah, this is something we have been lacking in.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry but I wanted to show you cupcakes that Kurt and I had decorated last year. We have decided to do this for a family tradition, so we will be decorating cupcakes too on Friday. I also wanted to post this picture for Tierra she had asked for an idea for decorating cupcakes. All we did was use the star tip for the pumpkins to give them a texture and we just frosted the ghost ones with white frosting and then we just used the writing tip with black frosting to draw the faces. We also used some green for the stem. I will post the ones we do this Friday on Friday!


Tierra Lynne said...

Your little Vanna White is cuter then the real one! That picture is too precious!!! Thanks for posting the picture for cupcakes. I think I'm going to do the pumpkin ones and MAYBE try to do a spider web with spider rings you get at
Wal-mart ---24 for .97 You cant beat that! So wish me luck, I'm going to finally break out the decorators kit that my aunt got me last Christmas.

And I loved your Halloween decor. Especially the sign. As Ayla grows it too will probably grow :) What’s Ayla going to be for Halloween???

Ann Marie said...

Cute Decor! Love your cupcakes.. Talent just oozes out of you and Kurt... Love the Friday Family home evening! Whatever works right??

Skymiles! said...

Hey! I remember those cupcakes! Ok, so here is the honest truth...I also completely filled out thank you cards and never actually mailed them! Double oops!