Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend!

What a wonderful weekend. Though Friday night was not the best. We planned to watch "Iron Man" after Kurt did some of his homework but the computer crashed. Luckily we have a back up hard drive for all our important stuff. Kurt worked on the computer almost until 4 in the morning. We think he has fixed the problem.

Saturday morning we got up, made breakfast and watched the first session of General Conference.

"Ayla watching conference from her crib."
I had to take a picture. I thought it was so cute. She was drawn to Elder Oaks' voice. She couldn't take her eyes off of him.

"Still watching Elder Oaks."
I loved how she looked in this outfit, so I had to share. I love the long sleeves under the short sleeves. Plus the color made her eyes stand out.
Can you see the mesh bumper pads behind her? I bought them off of Amazon. They are awesome because they protect her from injury and she can still breath. Her leg got caught in the crib the other night before I put the pads in. I felt bad, so she slept in the bassinet again until the pads arrived in the mail.

In between sessions we went to Grandma and Grandpa Perry's house. We had met Kurt's sister Krista and her family there. Krista was having Kurt make a little film on Moraganne. She is entering the film into a contest.

Kurt set the living room up into a studio for the day. Kurt is very good at making films. His work has him film things for there company on top of the other work he does. Kurt is majoring in film and animation at the U.

This is Micheal. He became the sound guy.

And here was the star of the film, Morganne. She was a Pint Sized Pirate. Doesn't she look so cute?

Kurt was in the film as well. He was a Governor who was kidnapped by the Pint Sized Pirate and made into her cabin boy. LOL! Krista wrote the script and it was pretty funny. It is a 3 minute film and I can't wait to see it when she is done with it.

Here is a picture of darling baby Kurt and Morganne on their Grandma's lap. Too Cute!

Saturday night Kurt and I got to watch "Iron Man" after we got Ayla to bed. I really liked the movie. I thought it was good.

Sunday we got up and ate breakfast and listened to conference because Ayla was asleep during the first session, taking her morning nap.

In between Sessions, Krista came back up again from Orem so that Kurt could show her some tricks on the computer so she could edit.

Ayla loved having Morganne here. She wanted to play with her. She always gets excited to see other kids and Morganne does not have to do much to make her smile.

I had to take a picture of Morganne in the high-chair I bought from the DI. I was excited it was being used.

Cute little Kurt got to borrow cousin Ayla's swing while he was here. He is such a good baby.

Ayla sat at the counter in her high-chair for the first time while I mad dinner for us. She loved it. Ayla started to say "Da, Da, Da, Da" this weekend. Kurt feels proud but says it doesn't count as "Dada" because she doesn't know what she is saying. We think it is cute any way.

Conference weekend was so fun. Conference was wonderful in and of its self and spending it with family made it more wonderful.

I do have to say I loved President Monson's talk on "Finding Joy in the Journey." It was so touching. I loved Elder Worthlin's and Elder Holland's talks as well. I loved all the talks. I love conference because I get spiritually fed and feel so strengthened by all the talks. I feel that conference weekends are another holiday to me. I look so forward to hearing all the messages.

Sunday night we watched a video on President Monson's life. It was called "On the Lord's Errand." It was wonderful and very uplifting. I recommend it to anyone to watch. You can find it on in the video section.

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Ann Marie said...

Darling post! Looks like another busy weekend. My favorite picture of them all is " Ayla watching conference". Sooo DARLING!!
Teaching her to love the Apostles and Prophet at an early age = priceless!