Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trying to squeeze a post in!

It has been a while since I posted. I have been very busy, mainly with my friend Amy's wedding cake. So I am going to sum up everything we have been doing since Friday October 10th.

Friday night I started to bake the cake and we chilled at home.

Saturday my family came over in the afternoon to visit and we all went up to visit my sister Marion at her work to eat lunch.

Here is a picture of my nephew Lane hugging Ayla that afternoon. I thought it was special because Lane doen'st even hug all of us like that. He always give a half of a hug. So sweet.

Marion works up at the University Hospital and we all went to lunch at Primary Hospital. The two hospitals are joined together.

That evening I baked the rest of the cake and wrapped it in wrap and froze it. Can you see how much cake I baked? 8 cake mixes. We then watched "The Emperors New Grove."

Monday Ayla and I went to lunch with Krista, Morganne, Baby Kurt and Grandma Perry.

Morganne was so cute. She had a fun time saying "Baby Ayla" and then Ayla would look at her. Then Morganne would laugh.

This was Ayla's first time in a high-chair at a resturant. I had to take a picture. See Baby Kurt in the background?

Ayla and Baby Kurt! Cute cousins!

That evening my family and I went to "Body Worlds." It was awesome. I thought it might be weird and gross but it was not. It was amazing. It made me appreciate my body more.

Tuesday we stayed home most of the day because I made fondant for the cake and built a couple of the cakes. Then Ayla and I went to Young Womens.

Here are the 3 batches of fondant I made. It took 3 hours to make. It is very messy. 

I had built the two small cakes that day and I built the large one on Wednesday.

Wednesday  I spent most of the day putting the fondant on the cakes.

First you warm up the fondant in the microwave. Then you knead it like dough and then roll it out. It is a lot of work. It took me 5 hours that day. 

This is how it looks on the cakes I made. After that, we had to get ready for Amy's rehearsal dinner at the Lion House. My sister went with me and Ayla. Kurt had an Adobe thing at work that night. We rode Trax downtown and it was Ayla's first time on a train. I was sad because I forgot my camera. It was a wonderful dinner though.

Thursday, which is today, Ayla received her flu shot and she is doing really well. We went to lunch with my mom and sister at Applebees. It was good but I prefer Chillis. Now it is off to the wedding. I will post about the wedding and the cake tomorrow. 


Ann Marie said...

You workaholic you!
I am exited to see the cakes, and hear about the wedding!
Have a good weekend!

Leah said...

Sounds like you have been a little busy. =) I can't wait to see Amy's cake. I hope her wedding went good. I thought about her yesterday. Ayla is so flippin cute. I love her BIG smile. She brightens up my day.

[ps] just 24 more days! yeppie. Oh, and I have Nov. 11th off work. YES! atleast we will have ONE full day to hang out.