Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Leah and Corinda!

Today is my best friend Leah's birthday! I have been good friends with Leah for about 8 years. Leah is the one I am going to visit in Tennessee. Below are the Top 5 reasons I love her.

Evan and Leah on their wedding day at the Washington D.C. Temple in May a year ago.

#5- She loves to travel and because of her I have traveled a few places I thought I would never see.

#4- Leah can always get me laughing and when she does we both can't stop. We almost always reach the part where it starts to hurt us from laughing and then we laugh even harder. LOL!

#3- I love how she shares things she has learned with me. She has taught me many principles of the gospel. She has taught me things her mother has taught her and she has taught me little tricks she has learned like making baby food. She is a wonderful mother.

#2-One of the things I love most about Leah is she is a good friend. She will literally give you the shirt off her back and is genuine about it. She always makes gifts for people and they mean more than if she would have just bought them something.

The #1 reason I love her is that she loves me, despite my faults. She is a kind and a loving person. 

Happy Birthday Leah! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Today is also Leah's sister Corinda's birthday. They share the same birthday, so it is easy to remember the day. I love Corinda as well. Below are the 5 top reasons I love her.

This was taken at Leah's reception. The two girls in the picture with Corinda are her two beautiful daughters.

#5- Corinda is so talented at taking pictures. She always captures the moment. I think she should become a photographer. You should see some of the pictures she takes of her kids. They always seem to catch her kids in the moment.

#4- Corinda is such a good mother. I have learned a lot from her by watching her with kids.

#3- I love to hang out with Corinda, she is always fun to talk to. I love that when she comes to town, we get together.

#2- I love to hear Corinda laugh at me when I do something stupid that I think is hilarious too. She always tells me "You are too cute" as she is laughing.

The #1 reason I love Corinda is that she loves me too.
Happy Birthday Corinda! I hope You have a wonderful day too.


Tierra Lynne said...

Aw I didnt know it was Corindas birthday too. I just posted a new blog about Leah's Birthday along with two others friends who have the same b-day as well. It looks like Oct. 13th is a very busy birthday! Leah is so blessed to have you as a dear friend. I know she misses you alot and is so excited to see you.

I too am very thankful for Leah because without her I wouldnt know you. November will be here before you know it and will all get to spend a day together together.

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday Leah!! (Yesterday)
I hardly have any pictures of her, and the ones that I have I wouldn't put on the net. I need to get some. I also didn't know that she shared a b-day with her sister.. So fun..

The 5 reasons why I love Leah..

1)- She is so pretty. She always has the prettiest eyes to me.. But, the beaty that shines from her inside shines also. She is a very beautiful girl in every way.
2)- I love that she likes to have fun. She has a fun laugh too.
3)- I love that Leah is honest. Even back in the day when she knew I probably wouldn't be happy with something she was doing, she still kept it real, and honest.
4)- Leah introduced me to Calamari at the Olive Garden. I miss being able to go there with her. It's always fun to go places with people that enjoy the same things you do.
5)- Leah is very thoughtful. I have a beautiful victorian ornament that Leah gave me for Christmas one year, as well as some homemeade snowmen that had the year, and she painted them. Whenever I see them, I think of her. She is also a "sister" to me. She really feels like family.

Nice tribute Heather! I hope you don't mind me tagging along on your post! I LOVE YOU GIRLS and hope to be able to come to Tennessee sometime in the future!