Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ayla's pretty dress!

Yesterday, we had our Young Women in Excellence. For those who don't know what this is, it is where the Young Women get to share things they have a accomplished during the year. You dress up for the occasion, have dinner, look at the projects they have made and listen to some of the Young Women give talks about what they did. It is to honor the Young Women of the church. Like I said in earlier posts, I love the Young Women's program. It helps the youth learn about their great worth. 

It was a fun evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am proud of our girls and love them all so much. 

I wanted to share some of the pictures of Ayla in the dress she wore last night. It is a dress that Grandma Perry got for her. I think she looks so cute in it but I think she looks so cute in everything!

In this picture, you can get a sneak peak of what Ayla's doggy costume looks like. It is in the background.

After I took her dress off, she started to play with her socks. I thought it was so cute, so I got the camera out.

She turned for a moment and found something better to play with. :)

Yay! A hanger!

I love you Ayla!


The Hartle's said...

I loved that dress on Sunday, she looked so adorable!

Burke Cynthia said...

She is so pretty. I love fancy church dresses they are the best.

Tierra Lynne said...

I second that! Fancy Church dresses are indeed the best. That smile of hers is like a ray of sunshine! Plus...the
"I found a hanger picture" Adorable.

Oh how I miss my young women days! I remember so well getting to go to my own Young Women in Excellance and setting up my little table to show off my skills.

Ann Marie said...

Love the dress!