Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marion's Birthday Party!

We had Marion's birthday party over at her house. Ayla and I went over there during the day before the party to hang out with Marion. Ayla was so cute with Marion's dog, Buckle. She was getting so excited every time Buckle would walk by. She was so excited she was shaking. It was so adorable.

I tried to capture her excitement.

Ayla loves her aunt Marion.

She feel asleep as Marion held her and rocked her in the picture above. Ayla doesn't fall asleep on just anyone. It usually has to be me but she fell asleep on her Aunt Marion. There are only two other people I know she has fallen asleep on and that is Clair and Julie B. They are two ladies in our ward.

This is Marion's cake. I wanted to do something Halloweenish like I have been doing on her birthday cakes but she wanted a confetti cake. That is what she got. It was an easy cake too.

The whole family was over and we ate KFC. My mother made the mashed potatoes though because we prefer the real deal.

My sister turned 31 yesterday. We didn't have 31 candles so we put 3 on one side of the cake and 1 on the other. Lane decided he wanted to make Marion 32 so he added a candle. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Lane then blew out her candles before Marion could even try. We all cracked up! He did that to her last year too! LOL!

Here is what we gave Marion for her birthday. We don't have a lot of money and she loves the Eiffel Tower, so I drew it for her. She had asked me to draw it for her 5 years ago. I just haven't gotten around to it until now. It took me 3 hours to draw because there is so much detail in the tower. I did it all while Ayla was asleep.

Then I framed it for her.

This was her reaction to it. She loved it! She even let out a little scream when she opened it.

It was worth the work. I love you Marion!


Ann Marie said...

What the??????? I had NO IDEA you drew! Another talent that you have?? Amazing!!!

Krista said...

That looks fantastic! You are truly multi-talented. :)

Chad and Clair said...

Well first off I am honored to be one of the people that Ayla has fallen asleep on. I just adore her! Second the drawing you did is really good. I didn't know that you drew either. Its beautiful.