Monday, October 8, 2012

Before and after pictures of small changes at our home!

First, Kurt got a new desk and chair!

Here is the desk and chair he had before.

We had to put the new desk together.

It took a couple of days.

And here is the new desk and chair! Pretty nice huh?

Next, our upstairs bathroom.

We had the pink shower curtain the lady who lived here before us left, so I hung up the flower towels to at least go with it until we got a new shower curtain.

Here is what the other side of the bathroom looked like.

And now this is what it looks like! My sister gave us one of her old curtain and I bought towels to match it! I also bought a new bathmat!

I also bought the hand towels to match and I bought a flower to sit on the counter!
It is amazing how just a curtain, some towels and a flower make this bathroom look so much nicer!

We got different couches!

The lady that lived here before us left these plaid couches.

They were not my taste but they worked.

Well my sister got a new couch and gave us her old ones!

I put the coffee table away because Ayla kept hurting herself on it. Not to mention Ashlyn will be crawling before we know it and I would have to put it away for that anyway.

Last, I wanted to share our yard. 

I took before pictures of our yard before I did anything to it. It was a mess. I was excited to make it pretty again. At first I had a love relationship with my yard but then it changed to a love, hate relationship and then it turned into just a hate relationship. Our yard is a really pretty yard but I just can't keep up with it. The weeds grow so fast. I feel like I pull a million a 2 million more grow in their place!  Kurt can't do the yard work because he get horrible allergies. He gets them so bad that sometimes his eyes can swell shut so I have to do the yard work. It has been hard with having Ashlyn so I do the bare minimum. At first I spent 2 weeks, an hour a day to clean it up and it looked beautiful but I couldn't keep up with it! It still looks okay but not beautiful.

I had to cut down all the bushes from the year before.

Before picture.

Before picture.

Look at how dead this part of the yard looked like.

This is how big that first bush grew this year! It is huge! I think I will cut it more next year.

After picture!
It looks better, I wish I would have gotten pictures of it at the beginning of the summer because it was beautiful.

Same with this picture!

And this picture!
At least the plants are not all dead!

This is what the front yard looks like from afar!
I love how Ayla jumped in all my after pictures!

I had to get one of her standing on the rocks in between the sidewalk and the curb!

Now for the backyard!

Pretty bad!

Luckily, I took after pictures of the backyard at the beginning of the summer!

Our yard looked so beautiful!
It still looks pretty nice when it is meowed.

I had to share this picture! I had bought me some Gerber Daisies for the yard because I love that flower. This one had a Siamese flower, two peddles were conjoint!

Now I got to get the yard ready for the winter! Wish me luck!

And that is going to be a lot of work! Thanks for listening to me vent about my yard!

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