Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holdman's Studio!

My husband, Kurt has his own side business of videography. I am so proud of him and his work! He really is talented at what he does! 

I had the privilege to go with him on a job to take pictures of him working! It was probably the best one for me to go on. We went to a glass blowing studio that is own by a man named Tom Holdman. He is a very amazing man that has a stutter and he expresses himself through his art, mainly glass! He is really talented at stain glass. He does stain glass windows for our church's temples and he has some amazing spiritual stories from doing this. Just being around this man was humbling! He really carries the spirit with him. 

The video was made to promote an exhibit they plan on making out of glass. The exhibit is a creation of the splitting of the Red Sea! Don't you think that would be amazing, to walk through a exhibit of glass that looks like the Red Sea?

I was so impressed at how professional Kurt was at talking to his client and telling him the shots he wanted to get!

He filmed a lot in the hot room where they melt the glass!

It got pretty hot in this room! I was a little worried about our equipment getting overheated but it turned out okay!

They put glass on the end of this hallow metal stick and roll it to make it round.

They then shape it!

Here he is blowing glass!

He filmed him painting a stain glass!

He was painting the robe of Christ!

His work is amazing!
This stain glass was actually for a church that is of a different faith than ours. It turned out so beautiful!

I had to get a picture of him with the stain glass!
He really is a nice guy! I also thought it was cool that he had made the glass tree that I have on my blog from my first Festival of Trees post!

These were some glass fruit that was sitting on display in the studio and I took a picture!

After we were all done filming, we were able to do the second thing we went there for.

I was to make a glass flower!
You pay for a flower and they let you make it. Kurt got this for me for a Mother's Day present. We just couldn't get in until June. They have a lot of people who want to make these flowers. 

Here we go!
I was nerves!
First you had to roll it!

Then you had to flatten it!

Then you had to pull it!

The guy had to help me because I wasn't pulling on the glass hard enough! I guess I was afraid I was going to break it! 

All done!

I asked them to curl the end!

They then had to torch it!

I think it turned out beautiful!
You can make your flower different colors but I wanted mine to be clear!

It now sits on our mantel!

Now I want to share the video that Kurt made.

On Dry Ground video by Kurt Perry from Kristine Asay on Vimeo.
I am so proud of his work! I think he did an amazing job! This video actually was put on our local news KSL website.

I really look forward to experiencing this project they are going to make! 

I also want to mention that the second picture in the video of the splitting of the Red Sea that is curved, my sister-in-law, Krista painted it! She did a great job!

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