Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Creepy Tree!

We had a Mimosa Tree in our yard. This tree always kind of creeped me out because it would close it leaves when it was evening or when it got cold. It kind of freaked me out that it moved, so I called it the Creepy Tree.

Well, this tree always struggled. This last spring Kurt notice some strange bugs on it. It was a bug I had never seen before.
They are called a Red Headed Ash Bore!
They were super creepy! They moved super fast!
I googled the bug, found out what kind of bug it was and then called the exterminator to learn more about them and how to get rid of them. The guy told me they don't sting or bite but they infest and they feed on weak trees. They bore themselves into the tree (that is where they get their name.) He said people spend thousands of dollars trying to save a tree, when the only way to get rid of them completely is to cut the tree down.

So we decided to cut the tree down. 

Luckily it was a small tree!

Kurt cut it down with some clippers.

We had Ayla help clean up the branches.

Cute girl!

Check out how tall this weed was! 
Ya, I stopped pulling weeds around that tree because I wouldn't go near it with those crazy, creepy bugs! If you know me, I am not a bug person, at all! I am sure there still would have been weeds anyway around the tree, just not so big. If you read the previous post you would know I have had a hard time keeping up on the yard. The yard still looks okay just not beautiful.

Almost gone!

Cutting the base!

Cutting it up!

And it is gone!

The tree always creeped me out in the first place! I was actually excited to get rid of it but when Kurt cut it down, we didn't see any bugs and I felt bad. Though I am sure the bugs were probably inside the tree itself. We would have kept the tree if it were not for the bugs. It really was a pretty tree!

So long Tree!

Now I have a lot of weeds to pull and clean up the area! I might plant a snowball bush in it's place to match the Lilac bush we have in the opposite corner of the yard.

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Jared and Laura said...

Heather, long time! I can't believe how grown up Ayla is. I'd love to catch up sometime - hope you're doing well.