Monday, October 15, 2012

Disneyland countdown!

We went to Disneyland over a week ago!
 I decided to do a countdown for it! I made the countdown over a month ago!

Here is Ayla with the countdown!

I wish I would have taken pictures step by step but I didn't so I will do the best I can to explain how it was done.

 I borrowed some hole punches from my friend, DeeDee. I made the Mickey heads out of two different  hole punches. I also used black poster board, instead of scrapbook paper or card stock, to save on money.

I went online and found 30 different things at Disneyland, mainly rides, to put on the Mickey heads.

I scrapbooked the top. 
I wish I would have had scrapbook pages but I didn't. I didn't want to spend a ton of money either, so I made them with Internet and PhotoShop. I also used colored paper I already had.

 I made it so I can change the pictures. That way the countdown will never be out dated. 

 After all, Ashlyn hadn't been there yet, so all the pictures were of Kurt, Ayla and I.
The one with the castle was on our Honeymoon! This was the first time I had been to Disneyland and loved it! I was hooked after that! The rest of the pictures were when Kurt, Ayla and I went in February of 2010!

The actual numbers were separate Mickey heads with different Disney characters.
I went online and found 30 characters to put on them.

 This is what it looks like with all the characters on it!

 I loved that Mickey was the last to take off! Under Mickey was "Mickey's Toontown!" If you notice, above Mickey was Snow White. The number 7 was put on her by accident but I love how it worked out!

 I even did Jack Sparrow with "Pirates of the Caribbean" under him! That is my favorite ride there!
I tried to match up as many characters with the picture underneath them but not all of them were like that.

I then had the whole thing laminated and then used a small dots of velcro on one of the ears.

I also put some plastic covering (those plastic sleeves you use for paper to put in a binder) where the pictures were going to make protection for the pictures. I then punched a couple of wholes at the top and thread some ribbon through them to hang it.

I love it!

We had a lot of fun doing the countdown with Ayla! She was so excited every time to take a number off! She always wanted to see what was underneath the number. She wanted to know if she could ride the rides that were under them. She was way excited about the "Tea Cups!"

We were not going by ourselves this time. We were meeting up with our friends, Amy, Joe and their family. Their daughter is one of Ayla's best friends, so we were really excited that Ayla was going to be  with Emily at Disneyland!

So at the time I was making the countdown, I decided to make some sugar cookies for the occasion as well!

 Mickey heads!
I got the cookie cutter the last time we had been to Disneyland! 

 Ayla eating one of them!

They were pretty big! I was wishing there was a smaller cutter when I made these. But guess what?!! They had a smaller one there this time and I bought it!

I made enough of these cookies for my family, Amy and Joe's family and I also made them for my friend, Ann's family. Ann and her family were going to Disneyland two weeks before us! 

I have decided that these cookies are special and I will make them around the time we are going to Disneyland! You know, make it a tradition! :)

Ayla loved the Mickey cookies! She now always request that I cut her toast in the shape of Mickey's head! I love it!

The countdown and the cookies were a lot of fun to do!

Lots of Disneyland posts to come!

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Ann Marie said...

Cutest countdown ever made!

I declare!!! I want one!!

Seeing those cookies again.. is making my mouth water!