Friday, October 5, 2012

Lonnie's Wedding!

On the 15th of September my brother's childhood friend, Lonnie got married. We have known Lonnie for a really long time. I was asked to do the wedding cake. 

I did a real simple one! I thought it turned out pretty!

Here is Lonnie, the Groom! He looks pretty spiffy huh?

Him with his son, Christian! I seriously can't believe how fast Christian has grown!
Christian was the Best Man!

Here is the lovely Bride, Kayla!

Such a pretty dress!

She borrowed my sister, Marion's veil from her wedding from last year!
You always wear something borrowed right?

My cousin, Sami, Kayla and my cousin, Harriett!

The Best Man and the Maid of honor!

I tried to get a picture of my brother, Robert and his wife, Carolyn (they were next in the line) but my camera wouldn't take the picture fast enough. I wish I could have been using my new camera! We had used it the day before to film a play and so the battery was dead. I need to start to take more pictures with it. I haven't in a long time. We have been using it for different things.

The Bride with her Dad!

The Ceremony!

One of their center pieces!

The Bride with two of the most important men in her life!

Getting ready to cut the cake!

Their rings!

The Toast with Sprite!

Cutting the cake!

This was the only group picture I was able to get. I had to get going. This was Lonnie's side of the family. His Dad was next to Kayla on the left and his Mom was standing next to him.

Congratulations, Kayla and Lonnie! I am glad I was able be there!

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