Monday, October 1, 2012

The Fair from last year!

We didn't make it to the Fair this year which makes me sad. In honor of the Fair, I am finally posting last years Fair post that I never got to post! I can't believe how much Ayla has grown in a year!

We went with my side of the family!

Of course Lane was there! We let him and Ayla ride, rides together!
Here they are on the kid coaster they had there!

Funny Lane!!

This picture cracks me up! LOL!!
It looks like Ayla is scared but she wasn't she was laughing so hard!

Them on the Helicopters!

On the Twilt O Whirl!

Back on the Helicopter!

One of my favorite things at the fair are the piglets! They are so cute!

We always let the kids ride the horses too!

Cute Ayla!

Lane is getting big!

I made Ayla get a picture with this weird bird! I still don't know what kind of bird it is. It looks a lot like an ostrich.

Ayla with a bunny!

I thought this was so cute! Ayla loves it when her aunt, Marion gives her piggy back rides!

I remember I took this picture because I thought it was a weird bird. I noticed that when I went to do this post, I now know what kind of bird it was. It was a Cocobarra bird. We saw this at the zoo and the zoo-worker told us what kind of bird it was. They are from Australia.

Another thing I love about the Fair is the Butter Cow! It is always amazing and last year they didn't disappoint! I loved that it was the Royal Wedding! LOL!! So cute!!

They had Seals at the Fair last year and the year before that. I don't know if they had them this year but   we like to go to the show!

We got our picture taken with them!
I was a little grossed out because they smelled like fish! I am not a fan of fish at all! Yuck!!

We had a lot of fun at the Fair last year! I had to post about even if it was a year later!

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