Friday, October 12, 2012

The Tents!

Kurt is really a fun Dad! The other day I walked into the front room to find...

It was a tent that Kurt had helped Ayla put up in the living room. You can see Ayla's feet from under the tent in this picture!

The funny thing was the main thing holding up this tent were fans!
It reminded me of a bouncy house! LOL!

Well, I felt the tent was a huge eye sore. Not to mention, I was a little worried that the kids would put their fingers in the fans or have them fall on them.  Ayla kept asking for it after they cleaned it up.

I decided to get the Tinkerbell tent out so she could play in a tent.

Ayla loves to have Ashlyn in the tent with her! I know Ashlyn loves it too!

Silly girl!

Ayla in the tent!

Ashlyn in the tent!

Ayla with the tent door closed!

Ayla is happy with the tent but she just saw me doing this post and asked for the other tent again! LOL!!

Which tent do you like?

The fun creative one or the simple Tinkerbell tent!

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