Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 Wonderful Years!

Today is Kurt's and my 3rd year anniversary. It has been 3 wonderful years being married to Kurt. We met 4 years ago on Sunday September 12th 2004. It was the week I was going to be going through the temple on  September 15th. That is why we chose to be married on the 17th. It was the Saturday after those two dates a year later. What a great day! Down below are some pictures and the top 10 reasons why I love Kurt and why it has been 3 wonderful years being married to him.

We were married in the Salt Lake Temple. One of the  best things I have ever done.

I love this picture but don't you love the crane in the background?

I had to share this picture it was taken in the Joesph Smith Building. I love it because you can see Kurt's stunning eyes. I am so glad Ayla inherited them! :)

"You just got married. What are you going to do next?" "We're going to Disneyland!" This was my first time going to Disneyland. It was on our honeymoon. I was like a kid all over again. I love Disneyland. I am sure Kurt thought he had married a kid.

#10- He makes really good eggs for breakfast and he will make them for me anytime I want.

#9- He loves to give me flowers. The first time we kissed. I got a bouquet of roses the next day with Hershey's kisses on stems in between the roses.

This is a picture of a vase I have and Kurt will fill the vase with flowers when ever he feels the need to. It is so wonderful to get flowers out of the blue.

#8- He always makes me cards instead of buying one. They are always so funny to me. There is an example of one on my post called "What a great birthday!" I always look forward to his cards. They mean more to me than whatever gift he got me for the occasion.

#7-I love his sense of humor. He makes me laugh all the time. He loves to be goofy and I love to be goofy with him.

This is a picture of him on our first anniversary. We went down to Beaver Canyon and stayed in a condo. We found this hunting jacket in the closet and decide to take some hunting pictures.

"Good aim!"

"Just cleaning up around here. It is such a mess!" I got in on the action too, when we found a vacuum hose.

#6- He is so unselfish. He is always serving me in some shape or form. He took really good care of me during my pregnancy. He always helps me out with whatever I need. He also loves to do things for others. You don't have to ask him help. He will just cut in and do it.

#5- He is a wonderful father to Ayla. He lights up every time he sees her.

Ayla and her Daddy!

#4-He holds and honors the priesthood and has blessed me and my family many times through  priesthood blessings. He gave comfort to my family during my uncle's funeral. He gave the family prayer for the closing of the casket and he also dedicated his grave. Such a blessing to have him in my life.

#3- He made me a mother and goes to school and works so hard, so that I can stay home and raise Ayla, which makes me so happy! :)

Ayla and her Mommy!

#2- He is so patient with me, even when I am being so difficult. He makes me want to be a better person. I also love that we can always talk through anything.

The #1 reason I love him is that he loves and honors me as a wife, a mother and a woman.

Happy Anniversary too my wonderful husband Kurt! I am so happy to know that you are mine forever!


LeahBug101 said...

I am so happy you have Kurt.... what a stud! Has it been three years? Really?? Time sure does fly when you are having fun. And you and Kurt sure do have a lot of fun together. I always get a kick out of the cards he gives you. I love the one he made when he asked you to marry him. HA, HA =) I am happy you are so happy dear friend.

Jared and Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!! It's so fun looking back at wedding pictures...yours are beautiful! The hunting jacket pics are really funny too!

Ann Marie said...

Great and cute post!
I love your 10 things, and the wedding picture that looks like mine. I love that picture.

Of all of them, I love the hunting pictures. You both should show your goofy side for the camera more. I didn't know you were so fuuny! ~ And it's a good thing you put captions with the pictures, because I thought you were holding a huge black snake. I was HORRIFIED heather! *whew* vacuum hose. :)
Happy day to you both!

Skymiles! said...

Happy anniversary! September must be a very exciting month for you two, cute pics!

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! What a nice post. I love that first picture with Christ superimposed over the two of you. Very nice.