Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Survey Says...

I have been wanting to do some tags on my blog but I find myself always wanting to share Ayla with everyone. My friend Ann has done a lot of these tags and I love to read them because they say so much about her. My friend Tierra has done some of these tags and has tagged me with them. I will definitely do the ones she has tagged me. I want to try and do all of them. Tierra I know you have not done this one yet so I tag you! For every one else I hope you enjoy.

#1- What TV show did you watch when you were little? I loved to watch "Sesame Street." I still love to watch the old school "Sesame Street," you know the one before "Elmo's World." I am not too fond that Elmo takes up half of the show now- a- days. I try to show Ayla some of the old school on "you tube."
**Which character? Oscar the Grouch. I always like the characters who were sad. I always felt bad for them. Like my favorite care bear was Grumpy and my favorite dwarf was Grumpy. I also love Slimmy, Oscar's pet worm. I think he is so adorable.

#2-Most embarassing moment? I have a lot of these but the one that comes to mind right now, my friend Leah will remember. I used to work in the airport gift shops and we sold these bouncing balls that were plush animals. When I went on a trip with Leah to Nauvoo, we had to fly into Detroit. The gift shop there had the same bouncy balls and I showed them to Leah. We both bounced a couple of them and Leah thought they were kind of weird. After the trip to Nauvoo we were back in Tennessee and we were at Walgreens. I saw this bin off large plush bouncy animal balls. I picked up one that was a duck. I said, "Leah look here are some big ones!" Then, I threw it down on the ground. Leah had hadn't heard what I had said. She had just turned to see me take some merchandise and throw it on the floor. Yeah. It was not a big bouncy ball. It was a piggy bank. It broke all over. I was horrified. It didn't feel breakable. It really felt like a ball. Leah started to laugh so hard and said, "What are you doing?" We looked all over the place for the duck's beak. I took the broken duck to the cashier and told her I needed to pay for it. She said "No that is okay. Don't worry about it." Then I had to tell her the story of how I deliberately broke it. She still didn't make me pay for it. The next day, I bought one of the ducks to remember the moment.

#3-Proudest moment and/ or accomplishment? For sure, marrying Kurt in the temple and having Ayla two and a half years later.

#4-What adult did you have a crush on when you were little? Joe Elliott. I think that is how you spell his name. He is the singer for Def Leppard. I thought I was going to marry him because I had a crush on him. Yeah, I was 5 and didn't know what I was thinking.

#5-What habit or personality trait's do you have from your mother/ father? I learned how to work hard from my father. I love to dance because of my mother.

#6-What did you want to change your name to when you were little? Samantha. I just thought it was pretty.

#7-Who was your first kiss? Justin May, he was my boyfriend in 5th grade.

#8-What 3 adjectives that someone from high school or middle school would use
to describe you?
Talkative, friendly and nice.

#9-What hairstyle, clothes and / or accessories did you rock back in the day when it was cool? The wings out the side of my head. The tall stand up straight hair dew. I wore the MC Hammer pants. Overalls with one strap hanging down. I tucked my pants inside my socks. I also did the pants thing when you fold them over and roll them up.

#10-Who were your Jr. high and High School crushes? Tyler Payne, Ben Richardson, Fred Allen and Mike Vanderweckin.

#11-What makes you really laugh? My husband and his cards and comics he makes. Ayla laughing.

#12-3 favorite memories with friends in Elementary school?
*Going to Lagoon and having a friend to run around with and ride rides.
*Sleepovers in our camper.
*Riding on my little motorcycle that my uncle Ernie bought us kids.

#13-Most trouble you got into with your parents? When I took off to a friends house after school and didn't tell anyone were I was. Walking out after dark. I can now see why I was in so much trouble.

#14-What was your 5 year plan in high school?
*Build my own business with Usana.
*If first one failed, go to college.
*Get married
*Buy a car
*Have children

#15-What is your 5 year plan now?
*Have more children
*Get into a house
*Buy a better car
*Get better at sowing
*Get some genealogy done and some scrap booking too.

That was fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did answering the questions. It brought back so many memories.


Mo said...

It's always so fun to look back at old memories and see how much has changed and how far you've come!

Ann Marie said...

I was so LOL! Why didn't I ever hear the gift shop story? I think it's even more hilarious because we worked in them for so long. Just thinking about it has me rolling. Sweet Heather.. throwing a piggybbank on the ground. Ha-ha!

I also was craking up at the MC Hammer pants. Do you have a picture?

Too funny about your Def Leppard crush. I loved all the answers!

You DO really need to do lots of tags. They are so fun to read, and get to know you better!
Love you! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Tierra Lynne said...

Yes!!! Finally someone tagged me by Name! Ok Heather...I'll put this on my top list for this week to blog about.

The embarrassing moment...Can I skip that one??? I really think my embarrassing moment tops ANY ONES moment! If ya want details Call Leah! I'm not kidding it's BAD! So bad that I hope the Lord will spare me of ever having to see these two people again in the next life!

BTW..I loved this one! Through tags..Even though were all kinda separated we all get to know each other!