Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Catch Up! #3

This weekend was not as busy as the last two. It was very rewarding though.

Friday night, Kurt and I went to the Salt Lake Temple to do Sealings. It was so nice to be there and feel such peace. It was the first time Kurt and I had been alone together since we had Ayla. Grandma and Grandpa Perry watched her for us, so that we could go to the temple to celebrate our anniversary. When we returned home, Ayla was okay until she saw me. She did this little squeal and started to shake. You could see she was filled with emotion. It was so cute and it made me feel so loved.

Saturday, we didn't go to breakfast with my dad because he was with his friend Gary at the cabin again. I got some rest that morning. I spent most of the day making curtains for our apartment.

As you can see in the picture we had a sheet over our front window because the blinds are not that great. I have been wanting to get some curtains to replace the sheet. I have been looking for weeks and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on these windows because this is not our house. It is just an apartment. The cheapest I could find were $5 dollars a panel, and they were pretty much see-through. I didn't want to spend even $20 on the front window and the bedroom window. Other curtains were too much money and it would have cost about $60 dollars to do both windows. I just wanted simple Kaki curtains. So I went to the fabric store and got fabric for a total of $15 and they were not see-through. Yay! 

Can you really notice a difference? I guess it is still better than having a sheet over the window.
I so wanted curtains in the bed room. At night we have the fan on for white noise and the blinds would always smack each other. It drove me crazy.

At least you can tell the difference with the bedroom window! I know they are very plain curtains but I feel a little bit of accomplishment that I made them. My first curtains I have ever made.  I am getting better with sewing.

Ayla sporting the cute onesie that Grandma Perry just recently brought back for her from her trip to New York. 
We enjoyed the rest of the evening just chilling. 

"Look dad no hands!" 
I just thought this picture was cute.

Sunday was very nice. Kurt took care of Ayla in the morning so I got to get some rest. Thanks Honey! 
Church was wonderful. I really enjoyed sacrament meeting. We had a beautiful baby blessing and three people were confirmed members of our church and that was followed by some really good talks on forgiveness. I love Sundays because I always come away feeling good about life.

Ayla in her cute yellow dress she wore to church. 

Last but not least, Kurt gave me my Anniversary card Sunday night. It is hilarious! I love it so much. Click on the pictures to enlarge them to see his art work. Plus you can read them better.

It reads : "Heather, we've been married for 3 years now. And you know what that means... (turn the page to find out what that means...)

"3 TIMES THE PASSION!" Quote: "My good dishes!"
"3 TIMES THE ROMANCE!" Quote: "Uh.. Hold on let me go brush my teeth."
"And best of all... 3 members now in our family! Happy Anniversary! Love, Kurt"

I just love the picture of Ayla and Kurt's socks. I think they are such cute drawings. I also love the look on his face with the top left hand corner one on passion. It just had me laughing. 
After reading the card we pulled out all of the cards he has made me through the years and we reminisced about the past and wrote the dates on the back of the cards so we could remember when they were made. I really, truly love the cards that Kurt gives me. There is nothing like them.

What a nice weekend!


Jared and Laura said...

Your curtains look great! Good job on those. Kurt's card is hilarious, those will be such great keepsakes. Ayla is such a doll, very cute pics.

LeahBug101 said...

I love the before and after pictures. Ayla is so CUTE. I just want to hug her to death. I love the card too. Oh, kurts famous cards.......they make my day.

Ann Marie said...

You domestic girl! I love the curtains, and they look great!

I'm glad you had a good weekend. I just wish you felt better! I hope no one else gets sick! :(

The card had me laughing. So personal, and thoughtful. Are you sure he shouldn't write for hallmark? Your little family is so cute!

I'm sorry I had to cut it short on the phone today. There was a friend emergency. I love you, and always love talking to you! :)

Tierra Lynne said...

Sickness does seem to be spreading :( Right now I have no voice and when I read Leah's last post about getting chased by the crab...Let's just say laughing with no voice hurts and is NO fun
:( LOL

Ayla is getting so big, Her adorable little face just lights up. Plus, I have a suggestion. I remember when I first met you. You had just come out to visit Leah and I think you & Kurt just got engaged. You brought that Very cute & funny comic book Kurt did for you for the proposal {I think??}

If you wouldn’t mind sharing I personally would love to see some of the other cards and things Kurt has done for you. I'm sooo nosy! A post dedicated to the Comics of Kurt. I cool would that be to see. Your a very lucky girl to have someone do that for you. That's an Edward standard if I dare say so :)