Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Catch Up! #2

We had another busy weekend. I had to make a Cinderella cake, so I started it on Friday and finished it Saturday morning. Ayla and I went to breakfast with my dad and uncle as usual on Saturday morning. 

I have made this cake before. I will have to show some of my favorites sometime.

This is Colton and his mother Rachel. She is Marion's boyfriend, Monty's, sister. Colton is her son. They came around 3 p.m. to pick up the cake.  It is for her step granddaughter who just turned 1.

This is my cousin Sandy she lives in a home with other handicap people. I went and visited her on Saturday. I brought her cookies and she shared them with everyone there. I thought it was so sweet of her. This was my first time visiting her at her home. I had a wonderful time meeting all of her friends. They were all so adorable. There was this man named Allen who was probably in his 50s, he was balled and had no teeth. He was tiny and couldn't talk but he was so happy. He was excited to meet me and showed me his soda he had just gotten from the dollar store. You could tell he loves the simple things in life. I found him so adorable. You could just feel his sweetness and it just made me feel so happy. You can really learn how to be truly humble by meeting someone like him. He was just so happy.

After all that, I was supposed to go to a wedding with Kurt but I found out that the wedding was almost in Manti. I didn't feel like torturing Ayla in the car for that long, so we stayed home while Kurt went to the wedding. We would've gone but on Tuesday this week, I gave my sister-in-law, Suzanne, a ride to Smithfield right above Logan so Ayla had already been on a long trip this week. She doesn't like to be in her car seat for very long. I was thankful anyway because I was so tired and I know I would've been more tired if we would've gone with Kurt. 

Thomas S. Monson

Sunday morning we had our Stake conference. It was wonderful. It was held in the conference center downtown and it was broadcast at our stake center. We watched it from our stake center because we have Ayla, of course. We had the privilege to hear from Richard Hinckley, President Hinckley's son. Sister Lant talked and so did Elder Ballard. We then had the privilege to hear from our prophet Thomas S. Monson. It was a wonderful conference.  It was all on the family and how to strengthen our families and to love one another.

Sunday evening we went to Grandma Perry's house.

 Ayla happy with her grandma, as usual. She loves her grandma.

Krista was over there too so we got to see her and her family. Yay!

This is Morganne, our niece. She had a lot of fun playing with her uncle Kurt.

And of course our sweet little Kurt! We got to see him too!

What a great Weekend!


Rebecca said...

I keep meaning to ask you about decorating cakes... I'll have to email you about it. The twins' b-day is coming up in Dec...

Tierra Lynne said...

oh wow! Heather you have great decorating skills! When ever you come back out to visit Leah, you'll have to give us all a class. My aunt last year for Christmas got me the cake decorators tip box that’s 101 decorating tools. I haven’t used it much but seeing this makes me want to try.

How lucky you are to have listened to President Monson for your stake conference.

Ann Marie said...

1st, I have to say what an awesome girl you are.. Always serving others. As always, a beautiful cake.
What a privelege to go and visit " special celestial people". That part of your post, made my day a little brighter!
It looks like you are busy on the weekends.. Good for you, and so glad to see you happy. Your a special, sweet girl Heather!

The Hartle's said...

I love that cake. My mom made me one of those when I was like 6. You ar going to have to teach me!