Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I finally got a hair cut!

My friend Melissa came over yesterday and cut my hair. Below are before and after pictures

This was how long my hair was, not too long but too long for me.

I didn't know what to do with my hair, so I would just pull it back into a pony tail. Something I hadn't done in years because I have not let my hair get that long.

This is Melissa. We turned my kitchen into a salon for the occasion. She is standing on a shower curtain which was a great idea. It made clean up easier.

Look at all that hair. Can you tell how much she cut off?

She cut off about 4 inches.









Tell me what you think of it. I think she did a great job. I love it. It feels great to have it short again. I usually always get the same hair cut. I will probably have the same hair cut until I am old and gray and then it will be even shorter.


LeahBug101 said...

I love your hair short like that. I know you had said your hair was getting long....boy, oh boy it was. my hair needs a hair cut too. it's getting pretty brown and pretty long. time to cut and color. =)

We made it through the was windy and LOUD, we were able to sleep a little. I kept waking Evan up....HONEY....DID YOU HEAR THAT? I think he may have not got as much sleep as Noah and I did. I am glad it's day again.

Mo said...

SO DARLING! Isn't a hair cut the best thing in the world? I always feel so fresh and, I don't know I just love a great cut!

Ann Marie said...

Darling! You can sport the short hair do's really cute!

I will always probably have mine long. Maybe when I'm old it will be shorter, but I like long hair and so does Chad. ~ I do the ponytail all the time! :)

You have to do what you LOVE!!

Tierra Lynne said...

Oh how CUTE! I envy it! You look great and it looks like it's so easy to maintane--again jealous :)

Skymiles! said...

Heather! You are so dang cute, awesome haircut!