Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Robert!

Today is my brother Robert's birthday. He is turning 33 today. Below are the 5 top reasons why I love my brother.

This picture was taken on their wedding day. This is his wife Carolyn. They were married 3 months before me and Kurt.

#5-He is smart and good with computers. He loves to design things on the computer like buildings and motor coaches. I thought for sure my brother was going to be an architect.

#4-He is very talented. He loves to draw. He has been drawing sinse we were kids. He had a love for Superman when we were kids, so he drew him a lot. He also plays the drums and is very good at it. He learned to play by ear. Crazy, huh?

#3- He loves extreme rides and he is willing to ride them with me. He is really fun to ride rides with.

#2-I love all the memories I have of my brother growing up. He used to wear a Superman costume all the time when we were little.

One time he and his band set up in the front yard to play for the High school (we lived across the street). It was so funny. People were looking out the windows and coming down during lunch to listen. My sister was in high school at the time and people were coming up to her and telling her "Do you know there is a concert going on in your front yard? They are pretty good." The cops were called because they were disturbing class.

I also love the memories of me and my brother just talking. We still do.

The #1 reason I love my brother is that he loves me and loves being an uncle to Ayla. He lights up every time he sees her and he always gives her kisses.

Happy Birthday Bro! I hope you have a great day! Love ya!


Ann Marie said...

I have never met your brother, so it was fun to read about him..
Who doesn't LOVE to have a buddy that loves thrill rides! Yay!

Nice tribute!!!!

Jesi said...

Happy birthday to your brother and I will tell thomas good luck for you. thank you so much for you love and support. I hope your doing well. Take care!!!