Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Catch Up!

I just wanted to post about my crazy weekend. How many things can you do in a weekend?

Friday night, Kurt, Ayla and I went to an annual ice cream party. It is a party with all the young couples in the ward. It was fun even though I couldn't eat the ice cream. It was quite the turn out. Even some of the couples who have moved out of the ward came to this. I was so happy to see them again. It was a lot of fun. After the Ice Cream Social, Kurt and I went home and moved his computer desk into the front room. We were up until 2 a.m. Kurt was such a sport. He was so positive about it and I was whining because things weren't looking the way I wanted them to. We did finally get it to work and I was finally happy with where we put everything.

Saturday I went to breakfast with my Dad, as usual. After breakfast, I went to and from Magna to get Ayla's crib. That was tiring in and of itself. I also set it up later that day. I will post all about it on another post. I also went to Super Saturday that day. For those who don't know what Super Saturday is, the women's organization of our church is called "Relief Society" and every month we have an activity night called "Enrichment." These activities consist of homemaking. It is fun. We do everything from crafts to cooking. Super Saturday is one Saturday a year where there are all sorts of projects you can do. It goes on most of the day. I just chose to do some sock dolls.

Here's  a picture of what they look like. I made these back in March for a different enrichment activity. Our ward made about 62 dolls and toy cars and sent them to Africa to a day care full of children. I loved making these dolls and thought they were too cute. I wanted to make one for Ayla, so when I saw that I could make them for Super Saturday, I jumped on the opportunity to make 4. 

After all that, Ayla and I went to a birthday dinner with Melissa, her boyfriend Arron, Amy Isolampi and her fiance, John. Yes, Amy is getting married on October 16th. It was my first time meeting John. He was very nice and I love how he looks at her. I am happy for them. I wish I would've taken pictures but I didn't bring the camera. It was fun. It is always fun at these dinners. We do it every year for Melissa and Amy and I because our birthdays are so close together.

Sunday morning at 10 a.m. we went to Kurt's cousin Kristy Sue's wedding. It was beautiful. Down below are some pictures.

The line. Doesn't Kristy look beautiful?

The parents of the bride. Arloa and Blake. Arloa is Kurt's mom's sister.

Ayla with Grandma Perry.

Ayla with her daddy.

Ayla with her mommy.

This is James. He is Kurt's cousin Tina's boy. He is so cute. I knew Tina in high school. We were pretty good friends then. It was so cool to find out I married her cousin.

This is Tina holding James. Ayla and James could not get enough of each other. It was so adorable!

Isn't he too cute? I just love him. He has such a cute personality too.

After the wedding it was off to church. Needless to say I needed a nice nap after church to rest from such and eventful weekend.


Tierra Lynne said...

Yay for Full Weekends! I just love it when I have a weekend that was filled w/ lots of "FUN" things to do and not just dreadful errands and such! It makes me fill like my weekend was productive and not just lazy passing by.

Thanks for your sweet comment. I was wondering does Ayla have her own room? I just love to look at other people nurserys. There so fun.'s

Ann Marie said...

I am sooo glad you told me about the post! Lots of information!
First, I love the dolls! They are so cute, and feel a bit guilty that we havent done some sort of humanitarian thing lately. I guess that will be a good thing for the new year?
2nd- I am soo exited for Amy! When is Melissa going to do it?
You'll have to post about it so I can see... I wish Leah would come out, and bring Tierra! :)

I was scanning throughthe pictures of the wedding, and I thought " why did Heather put Ayla in a suit? " LOL! I didn't realize it was James.. LOL! It goes to show, you shouldn't hurry things. :)

I'm so glad you knew shag! Whoo hoo!
Hey.. I do try and comment on every post, so if I don't give me a heads up.. I love to see all your days and thoughts! Love you!