Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally done with the crib!

I finally got the last thing in place today from getting Ayla's crib in. We only have a two bedroom apartment and I was not looking forward to putting the crib in. I didn't think we had enough space and I was also not excited to have Ayla in the other room. I have been wanting to post about it sinse I started two weeks ago, but I didn't want to post it until I was officially done with the project. 

This is why it was time. She didn't have much room left in her bassinet. Poor girl! :(

It took a lot of planning but I decided I definitely wanted Ayla's crib in the other room.

The project was to move this computer into the living room and put the crib here. I was thinking "Our living room is so crowded where is it going to fit?"

This was the view walking into the living room from the hall. See what I mean about being crowded?

This was the view from the front window. I actually got Ayla's dressers in the other room and we got rid of the TV stand and put the TV in the other room. That gave us some space.

This was the view from our front door. In the bottom right hand corner is Kurt's bike helmet. Kurt's bike used to be in the front room. I hated it there. I hate clutter and this living room was cluttered. I was trying to baby-proof too, while I was doing this project. So the bike went in the other room also. I don't know how it worked out but the other room is not as cluttered as I thought it would be. It almost looks the same. So I was happy about that.

Here is the picture of the crib in it's place. It actually looks a lot cleaner than having the computer here. 

The black object in the bottom left hand corner is a chair. It is nice because I sit on it at night and feed her and get her right back to bed. I couldn't get a good enough picture but it looks pretty good even though nothing matches but I can't complain. They're all gifts from showers we had. We have been blessed. The crib is actually my sisters and she is letting us borrow it.

This is the view now coming into the living room. I am a lot happier, it is not as crowded as before.

This is the view from the front window now. It looks so much better.

This is the view from the front door now. 

Ayla loves her crib. Even though we have had it for two weeks, she didn't sleep in it until this last Sunday night. I was not happy. I cried but she did really well. Now she has been sleeping in it for a week and I am getting used to it. I am grateful on how this project turned out. It felt like it took forever because I had to rehang all the pictures hanging up it the living room and in the bed room and find places for every thing. I am a lot happier now with our apartment than before. The living room is a lot cleaner and Ayla kind of has her nursery and has room to sleep. I feel our apartment looks the best now than it ever has. I guess this project, that has been weighing on my mind for the past 6 months, was a blessing in disguise.

This is a picture of Ayla in her crib for the very first time on September 7th 2008. She loved it from the Beginning. I know there is a picture of her in it above this one but this is my journal and I wanted to document it. 

This was her first nap in it. Look at all the room she has. Yay!!!!


Ann Marie said...

So cute that she is sucking on her fingers! Does she always do that?

The apartment looks really nice. It has the same style as my old apartment that Julie managed too. :)
I like your couch. Cute color.
It looks like you re-arranged and de-cluttered well!

Be prepared.. Every big change with your kids is hard, but WELL worth it. Chad moved Mary into the crib one night while I was at a meeting, and I came home, woke her up and put her back in the bassinet by me. The next day I thought.. " what am I doing? " and the next day she went in the crib. It's hard.. Most things about parenting are. She looks very happy now!

Rebecca said...

She is so cute in her nice big crib! Looks like you guys are bursting at the seams in your place. :)

LeahBug101 said...

I love Ayla's new room. Your home looks like a "home". I hope you understand what I am trying to say. You know how to make things look so nice. =) great job. I know you've been working hard on it.