Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Krista!

Today is my sister-in-law, Krista's birthday. I have known her now for about 3 and a half years. I am so glad to have her as my sister. Down below are the 5 top reasons why I love her.

This was taken on our wedding day. September 17th 2005.

#5- I love how smart she is. She loves to read and she knows a lot. If you have a question and need an answer, she most likely can answer it. I feel like she is a walking encyclopedia.

#4- I love her sense of humor. She always finds things on the Internet and tells us to look at them and we always get a kick out of them. I find things that are so odd to be the funniest. That is her sense of humor. If you want an example go to youtube and look up "Charlie Candy Mountain." I love that clip, it always cracks me up because it is so out there. It is one that she referred to us.

#3- She has a beautiful voice and I love to watch her sing to her children. She is such a good mother.

#2- I love how much she loves her brother (my husband :)) . She is the one that named her son after him. He is so cute too.

The #1 reason I love her is that she loves her family, which I am a part of, and loves to spend time with us. I love it when she comes up from Orem and spends the day with us.

Happy Birthday, Krista! I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you! :)


Krista said...

Aw! You made me cry. :)

Love you, Heather!

Skymiles! said...

Yeah, Heather I finally found your blog! What a fun way to celebrate someone's birthday! It was one of my sister-in-law's birthday's yesterday...what are the odds?

Skymiles! said...

Read Eric and my blog at, that way we can keep in touch!

Ann Marie said...

What a sweet post! :)
That was so great of her to name her baby after Kurt. :)

You have quite a few birthdays to celebrate too! How fun! :)